Foods that Get You in the Mood – Sex Week

It’s the week before Valentine’s day and I’m here with a little list of foods that help boost libido!

Dark, organic chocolate – the tryptophan in chocolate helps make serotonin your feel good neurotransmitter that affects emotions and body sensations, phenyethlamine a neurochemical known as chocolate amphetamine which promotes feelings of attraction and excitement, and anandamide – gives you a blissful feeling. Who doesn’t love being blissed out?

Dark Chocolate Candy Bar Chocolate White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Cocoa Candy

Foods with Zinc – oysters, pumpkin seeds, meat – boosts testosterone. Don’t worry ladies, not enough to cause you to grow hair in unwanted places, just enough to boost libido. Zinc deficiency has an effect on lutenizing hormone, which low levels of LH will inhibit desire.

Watermelon, Figs, Avocado – There are loads of other claims like watermelon, figs and avocado but none of them have been scientifically proven. Having said that, there is something very sexual about chomping down on a watermelon as the juice drips down your chin. And the fig resembles womanly parts in a very sensual way. Try my avocado chocolate pudding for a one-two sexy punch.

Fig fruit concpt as a group of fresh figs in a symbol of good nutrition and eating healthy food. ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Romantic Dinners (or morning after breakfasts) – Any kind of romantic meal with your other counts too. Enjoy the food, make anti-inflammatory healthy choices that support good blood flow (so that your bits can get excited too), are easy on digestion (so you’re not all bloated after eating) and help to detoxify your bod and you’ll be revving up your libido in no time.

What foods have you found to enhance your libido? Tell me in the comments.

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