Fuck Your Limits

Live a technicolor life because you are TOO amazing for living in beige.
Feel PASSION that sets your soul on fire…
And a BUSINESS that allows it all to stay in motion…


You can literally have, do, and be all of it. I know because I am a woman who WALKS THAT TALK.

Just as soon as you release the patterns that keep you at the level you’re at. And that’s why you’re here.

No more settling for missionary style, when unbridled passion WHEREVER YOU CHOOSE is what you truly want.

No more dragging yourself out of bed to work a business that you KNOW should be making MORE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL by now.

No more fighting to be heard or understood in your relationships.

No more feeling disconnected and not knowing what you really want.

No more feeling like you don’t deserve the love, the success, the inner peace you crave so deeply it hurts.


Stop ignoring the inner soul voice that BEGS you to get out of this VANILLA and HUMDRUM rut.

You’ve hit your upper limits because of the patterns you’ve been living from and the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

But now…today…we’re going to


I Was Once Where You Are

I went from waking up every day full of anxiety and dread, and wondering what the hell am I here for?

Only being able to do the bare minimum to get the day done so I can go home and pseudo-parent then go to bed, pretend to “be asleep” so I didn’t have to have sex, or numb out on t.v. and wine just to make me feel somewhat good and in control.

All while convincing the “outside world” I was on fire, happy and fine.

I spent 20 years in relationships that were so draining and passionless. In fact, it wasn’t until I hit my 40’s that I actually discovered the power of passion and it’s impact on who we are.

I used to lie to myself…A LOT. I emotionally manipulated myself. And I was very much a victim of my own mindset.

I’d never admit that, though.


It got so bad I knew something had to change. So I hired coaches and spiritual mentors and worked hard every day to change my mindset and patterns that kept me stuck.

I did the deep work, the shadow work, the ego work…when I could have kept ignoring it.

Things got hard. I grieved and felt the pain that I needed to feel to grow through the patterns that kept me held hostage. And it wasn’t easy.
BUT it was sure worth it


I have found MYSELF. I ADORE the body I’m in - I feel so sexy and alive.

I have a secure, healthy, fulfilling and super passionate relationship with a partner that can easily be described as my soulmate.

I have a great relationship and co-parent, effectively, with the father of my kids, and I'm running the business of my dreams in the most Feminine Leadership way...and the best part, I know there is so much more to come and I am ready to receive it all!

Life? Doesn’t get much better than this.

These things are not exclusive to me. You can have them, too.

Thanks to all the work I’ve done, coupled with extensive study and coaching hundreds of women, I have an entire toolkit of practices and daily routines and am constantly developing myself in all areas of my life, and that I get to share with my clients.

My chosen path now has taught me how to be honest with myself and others, how to have strong boundaries and to be genuinely happy. Just like I can help you to do, as well.

My passion is to guide you to your true inner peace, where when the shit hits the fan you are not moved into crisis, rather you take a deep breath and navigate through with grace and style and learn more depth about yourself and others.


Results Orientated Radical Approach

I help you get results. Period. Using the vast set of tools I have in my toolbox, you and I journey together to discover and break through the patterns that are literally standing between you and your goals and dreams.

Your Technicolor Life Awaits…


Over 200 Clients Around the World

I began coaching in 2015 and have been blessed to have coached hundreds of women (and a few men too!) from around the world. I’ve spoken on stages across North America, and have been featured on many podcasts and radio shows helping you become the best version of yourself. You can also find my podcast The Dirt & The Divine where I dig deep into the mindset of successful entrepreneurs who overcame their own self sabotaging patterns creating more joy and happiness and living their truth and their dreams.

Over 20 Years Supporting Busy & Burnt Out Entrepreneurs & Professionals

I know how to help you find the time to work on yourself while you’re busy building your own empire, maybe with a family in tow. I know what it is like to have big goals and dreams, to want more, and yet struggle with relationship issues, or the demands of kids, or typical business issues like imposter syndrome, procrastination, money problems & staffing issues.

And I also know how to break all that negativity up and turn it into GOLD...to work in a more Feminine way that feels like ease and flow, to enjoy your work and have more than enough time for family, friends and most importantly, yourself.

ALL of my clients at least double their income within a very short time working with me. It's a wonderful by-product of knowing your worth, setting strong boundaries, and prioritizing your soul desires.


Official Bio

MindFixer & Founder of The Pattn Lee ai Framework - Krisha teaches successful entrepreneurs how to have healthy boundaries and release old patterns of self-betrayal.

Krisha knows what happens when we betray ourselves and has devoted her life to help you break free from the disease to please and live a technicolor life because you are TOO amazing for living in beige.

She helps you Unlock YOUR THIRST for LIFE…

Feel PASSION that sets your soul on fire…

And a BUSINESS that allows it all to stay in motion…

She’s an entrepreneur, coach, published author and mom of two boys. Krisha speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of deep study and synthesizing personal growth modalities including Human Design, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset and so much more.

Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have the juiciest life of your dreams.

Here's what some of my clients think about me...

I was unable to find my own voice and constantly at the mercy of other people’s wants, rather than my own.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – Krisha LITERALLY changed my life. I am not the person I was when I first started working with her, and I NEVER want to be that person again.

Krisha has taken me to places I never thought I’d go, uncovered hidden depths of meaning, skills, talent, and value that I never would have thought of.

Krisha is an integral part of my life and business, as a sounding board, teacher and guiding light helping me be a better, happier, more fulfilled person.

Claire Laurent

I describe Krisha as my Divine-Feminine-Sex-Energy-Goddess-Coach. Krisha lived up to the title and so much more. I felt I needed some help with my final “test” of really stepping forward to show up in the world as me in every way. Turns out Krisha helped me sit in the dirt, shatter patterns, and then implement solutions. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

Caroline Hammond