Want to Live your Best Life?

Are you ready to find you? To have your own voice? To uncover your true value, your true self and get the f*ck out of your own way?

You desire more from life than what you currently have. You’re ready for a big change, an uplevelling in all areas of your life.

From the bedroom to the boardroom – you are craving a Delicious Life full of amazing experiences, great sex, success and world travel.

FREEDOM is one of your top values, and there is a big internal tug inside you’re no longer able to ignore. 

You are a woman on a big mission, you’ve got the MBA, the business savvy and big goals. On the outside you’ve got it going on!

But deep down inside:

  • You’re overwhelmed, falling apart at the seams and running on empty most days – so you’re stuck in some weird Groundhog day, wondering “is this it?”, then instantly feeling guilty because you should be so grateful! (Which you are….but, there is something deep inside of you saying “you’re more than this”.)
  • You feel you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage (procrastination, perfectionism people pleasing, anyone?).
  • You’re the heaviest you’ve ever been and you don’t recognize the woman in the mirror anymore.
  • Intuitively you know something else is going on inside you but you have no idea what that “something” is or how to fix it.
  • You KNOW what to do to be more successful but you’re not doing it and it’s getting to you.
  • Or…perhaps you’re trying to figure out what the heck to do next, and so nothing really gets done – cue: “I can’t do this, why did I think I could do this, I should just quit”.
  • You’re usually last on your list. Family, work, friends all come before you all the time and you’re starting to resent it.

I’m Krisha Young, your Delicious Life Coach and Sabotage Slayer and I empower you how to Live your Best Life.


I champion for the betterment of women by helping successful business owners (or those who want to be one!) transform themselves and become unstoppable! Imagine us crushing through overwhelm and self-sabotage so you can create a unique, luxurious Delicious Life free of fear!

A Delicious Life is:

  • Breaking through the issues that have kept you stuck for years! Say F*ck to Being Stuck!
  • Happiness is your NORMAL
  • Feeling organized, motivated, strategic, with a clear plan on how to make it happen – you’re now a Wealth Warrior!
  • A clear line between what you will and will not put up with in your life – negative crap be gone! You’re a Sabotage Slayer and Bodacious Badass!
  • Knowing how to actually be healthier and take care of yourself despite your busy (perhaps insane?) schedule

But right now, this is what’s really going on:

  • Overwhelm which leads to procrastination.
  • Fear of success, or worse – not being a success.
  • Self-sabotage (conscious and subconscious) that keeps you stuck and feeling like you’re always starting over or always being in the same place.
  • No progress, no fulfillment through growth.
  • You’ve got some poor habits and you know it and it’s impacting your life and business.

I help you to Be Bold, Be Free and Be Transformed – my superpower is helping people get out of their own way so that you can do BIG things in this world.


Why do I do it?


Looking at me now you would have never known that I used to be overweight, miserable, hating life and wishing I could be, do or have something else. I wasn’t satisfied with the life I had carved for myself.


Raised by a mom who unfortunately had an addiction to alcohol, I lived a life full of fear and worry, and with zero tools on how to build my own esteem, confidence and worth.


I had a distorted relationship with myself (so much self-hate), unbearable stress (I ate it for breakfast, and was in burnout), and a way of thinking that kept me stuck, unhappy and only ever seeing what I didn’t have. 


After the birth of my first son (pictured above!) deciding enough was enough – I was done with the self-hatred – I got my ass in gear and started a journey with nutrition school and powerful life coaches that pulled me out of the life I was barely existing in, into a life I am now thriving in.

I built a successful coaching business, while living my top value of FREEDOM, speaking on stages around the world, and sharing my message of empowerment which I was only able to do once I dug through all the crap and started to listen to MY voice, and trust myself and stopped giving my power away to everyone else. I became a Vivacious Victor of my life – I overcame the internal and external challenges that kept telling me I wasn’t enough.


How you do one thing is how you do everything.


So I made changes to my lifestyle, mindset, habits, and stress. My entire LIFE. I quit my corporate job and opened up a coaching business without really knowing what the heck I was doing, and with NO safety net, no Plan B, and have been enjoying the fruits of my success ever since.

However…it wasn’t always easy.


I learned the relationship we cultivate with ourselves is more than the odd spa day. It’s about learning to love who we are, setting clear boundaries and being unapolagetic about what we want in life.

It’s about discovering who you truly are, what you want, and gaining the confidence to speak your truth, regardless of the guilt or what others think or say. 

And this takes GRIT. 

Growth – the desire to grow, to be coached, to try something new

Resilience – no matter what happens, you just pick yourself back up and keep going

Intuition – really learning to trust yourself, listen to your intuition in a way that matters

Truth – speaking and living your truth from a place of authenticity (yes, this word is overused, but it’s so true!), when you’re YOU, magical things happen. Someone, somewhere told you that you weren’t enough, THEY WERE WRONG. 

Imagine being able to speak your truth in a room full of intimidating men or women and believe in your soul that what you have to say matters!

Imagine making more money than you ever have, and doing it in a way that makes you feel really, really good!

Imagine running your business or career in a way that impacts lives in a positive way

Imagine seeing yourself as an equal to the women you admire


And I can show you how to do all of that.


What I found after coaching hundreds of women over the years is that what goes on between your ears (your thoughts) drives everything, and most women are ignoring their own inner voice, they don’t trust themselves, they often put others first, and sit for a long time in procrastination, perfectionism and watching their dreams and desires get smaller and smaller and seemingly impossible year after year.  


I bet you’re so DONE with feeling like this.


You want to live your BEST life! No more holding yourself back! Less doubt, more confidence to go after your big mission and get anything you want in life.


Imagine your Delicious Life now. Feel it, taste it, it can be yours.


Let me show you how.


Check out my Delicious Life Services to learn more.