Want to Live your Best Life?

You desire more from life than what you currently have. You’re ready for a big change, an uplevelling in all areas of your life.

From the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the boardroom – you are craving a delicious life full of amazing food, great sex, success and world travel.

You are a woman on a big mission, you’ve got the MBA, the business savvy and big goals. On the outside you’ve got it going on!

But deep down inside:

  • You’re overwhelmed, falling apart at the seams and running on empty most days.
  • You feel you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage (chips while watching Neflix, anyone?).
  • You’re the heaviest you’ve ever been and you don’t recognize the woman in the mirror anymore.
  • You have a messed up relationship with food from all those years of dieting, and you use food as comfort and sugar as a crutch to get by.
  • Intuitively you know something else is going on inside you but you have no idea what that “something” is or how to fix it.
  • You KNOW what to do to take better care of yourself but you’re not doing it and it’s getting to you.
  • You’re usually last on your list. Family, work, friends all come before you all the time and you’re starting to resent it.

I’m Krisha Young, your Lifestyle Strategist and I teach you how to Live your Best Life.

This means freedom from a laundry list of ailments, weight shame and spiral of negative thinking.

It means feeling in control of your life again, feeling light again, feeling better. 

I do this using the Krisha Young Method that combines the science of functional nutrition and helping you reset your nervous system and shift your thoughts with positive psychology and NLP so that you can have a whole new reality where your body and your life is concerned.

  • Encouragement, not judgement.
  • Fun, not guilt.
  • A customized roadmap, not a generic diet book (we say Fuck Dieting here).
  • Expertise (I am fully qualified…) not conjecture.
  • Community and support, not isolation and food fear.

Simply put, I get you results.

Why do I do it?

Looking at me now you would have never known that I used to be overweight, miserable, hating life and wishing I could be, do or have something else. I wasn’t satisfied with the life I had carved for myself.

I had a distorted relationship with food and my body that included a lot of crappy food choices (my idea of a vegetable was broccoli microwaved with processed cheese), unbearable stress (I ate it for breakfast, and was in burnout), and a way of thinking that kept me stuck, unhappy and only ever seeing what I didn’t have. 

After deciding enough was enough – I was done with the diet books, the “fast metabolism” pills, the self-hatred – I got my ass in gear and started a journey with personal trainers, nutrition school and powerful life coaches that pulled me out of the life I was barely existing in, into a life I am now thriving in.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

So I made changes to my lifestyle, mindset, habits, and stress.

I learned the relationship we cultivate with our food is so much more than what we put in our mouths. It’s about learning to love who we are, setting clear boundaries and being unapolagetic about what we want in life.

And I can show you how to do all of that.

What I found after coaching hundreds of women on nutrition is that food wasn’t the problem. It is your relationship with yourself that is really the cause of your war with food and with your body. 

I bet you’re so DONE with feeling like shit.

You want to live your BEST life! No more holding yourself back! Less stress, more energy to go after your big mission and get anything you want in life.

Imagine your delicious life now. Feel it, taste it, it can be yours.

Let me show you how.

Check out my Delicious Life Services to learn more.