WTF is Human Design?


You might have heard the term “Human Design” popping up a lot more lately and have wondered what the heck it means, what’s it all about, and where the hell do you start!?

Human design is deep, ancient wisdom that looks at how you are made up and shows you how to BE in the world based on leveraging your natural talents, strengths. It’s the roadmap that finally allows you to embody who you are at your core – before all the crazy was imprinted on you.

It’s like your own personal operating manual for who you are.

It helps you understand how you:

  • Make better decisions

  • Communicate with others clearly, and improve relationships

  • Uncover your Natural Strengths and Life Purpose

  • Overcoming Distractions & Shiny Objects

  • Slaying Self Sabotage

  • And how to THRIVE in this lifetime instead of settling for a life of Ordinary Overwhelm.

It’s based on your exact date, time and place of birth and gives us insight into our unique nature and when we stop fighting it and accept it, accept us for who we are, life becomes so much easier because we understand ourselves better.

It combines systems from Kabbalah, I’Ching, chakras, quantum physics, genetics, biochemistry into one master human system manual.

Human Design is an instruction manual on how our soul is to navigate the human we have been given.

Here’s my chart.

Looks crazy right? When I read charts, people often say to me “I’m so empty!”, “This looks insane”, “what does any of this mean???” and I thought the same when I first saw mine.

In fact, I was super skeptical about it at first, but the more I dug into it and started living it out I was blown away. I then started testing it out on my clients and they loved it and it shifted so much in how they ran their business, how they related to others, how they communicated, and basically how they show up in life.

Every time I’ve done a chart reading all I hear is “OMG that’s ME!” It’s super cool.


The top things you need to know are your Type, Strategy and Authority.


Your Type is your aura, your way of being, how you harmonize in the world. It’s the energy you emanate.


Your Strategy is how you engage with life. What you’re meant to “do” to manifest your desires. How you interact.


Your Authority is how you make decisions on whether what shows up is right for you or not.

Signature & Theme

Your Signature and Theme is how you know you’re on track or off track.


Your Profile is how to manifest your purpose.


Are you a Manifestor?

You are 9% of the population and your Strategy is to inform before you take any kind of action that might have an impact on another so that you can avoid anger and create peace. Your aura is closed off, you like to just make an impact and then retreat to solitude. You don’t need to be a social butterfly if you don’t want to be! You’re here to galvanize the rest of us. Your Signature is peace and your off track theme is anger.

Are you a Generator or Manifesting Generator?

Your strategy is to wait to respond so that you feel satisfied and avoid frustration. Your aura is very open and magnetic. You’re here to learn about yourself. 70% of the population are Generators. You are here to work and love the work you do, your aura is very open and enveloping and magnetic. Your signature is satisfaction and your off track theme is frustration.


Are you a Projector?

Projectors are 20% of the population and your strategy is to wait for the invitation so that you can avoid feeling bitter, and instead find success. Your aura is very focused on the other person, very absorbing. Your need is to learn about and understand the other person. You are very vulnerable to take on the energies of other people. You’re prone to overworking, trying to keep up with all the Generators (stop that!), pay attention to your body please, if you’re tired realize you are NOT LAZY. Rest, recharge alone. You must protect your energy because you have SO MUCH to teach the rest of us.

Are you a Reflector?

Reflectors are the rarest type, only 1% of the population and your strategy (and authority) is to wait out a full cycle of the moon (28 days) to make a decision on anything, to find clarity so that you feel more surprised than disappointed. Your aura is very sampling and resistant – you’re less likely to take on the energies of others. You are here to reflect the health of the community rather than identify with the rest of us.


This is just the tip of the iceberg and interpreting a human design chart really should be done by a professional, or several hours of self study. I offer Human Design readings in my exclusive Back to You Bundle; Learn more here.

Benefits of Human Design

Why should you know your Human Design? Because it’s time we start to really understand who we are, how we tick and show up in the world from a powerful place of inner knowing, self trust and POWER. When we understand our design it:

  • Awakens us to our True Self – who we were BORN to be!

  • Gives us permission to be ourselves and have compassion for others and better communicate with them.

  • Helps us make decisions that point us in the correct direction for our Life Purpose to unfold instead of being sheeple.

  • Lets us move in harmony with the flow of life rather than forcing and controlling outcomes.

  • Lets us find our right place and attract the right people and opportunities, because alignment rocks!

  • Lets us transform from our conditioning by understanding what is truly us and what has been imprinted upon us made to believe it’s ours.

“Self” vs. “Not Self”

In your BodyGraph (see image of mine above, and you can get yours for free here), you will have parts that are coloured in and parts that are white. Anything that is white is subject to this “not-self” conditioning. It’s like an open area for you to take in everyone else’s stuff – which if you’re not aware, can lead to you turning those thoughts onto yourself making you think you have something wrong with you, when in fact, you’re perfect.

Anything that is fully coloured is who YOU are, you’re “defined” by these traits, and you will experience them over and over again in your lifetime – the key is to understand it and stop fighting your brilliance!

The “Not-Self” is living out a life based on what we “think” we want and what we’re conditioned by rather than living out what is our true purpose.

We are most deeply conditioned by our “openness”. Because we’re chasing after what we cannot be we can never feel complete. We can never feel whole. We can never feel good about and love ourselves because we’re always comparing ourselves to others, to societies view on what makes us worthy of love rather than understanding and accepting who we are at the core.

All of this “not-self” stuff clogs our brilliance, it sets us on a path of mediocrity and fear, and forces us to follow the sheeple towards a life that’s safe, but not really self-actualized.

When you understand your “self” by understanding your design, things begin to flow and all the stuff you knew deep inside about yourself start to emerge and you become more powerful and confident as a result.


Human Design isn’t for everyone

Depending on how deeply conditioned you are and what your current level of self-awareness and personal responsibility you have, you may initially reject Human Design as something that’s weird, or incorrect, or not true for you.

Usually what this means is that you’re just not seeing your truth, it’s been buried so deep for so long, you can’t resonate with your true nature. There are also cases where the person interpreting the chart wasn’t that great at helping you to see the connections, or your birth data was incorrect.

All I ask is that you experiment, there is no right or wrong, it’s simply a snapshot into who you are, your purpose and talents and skills – no biggie. Either way, I encourage you to at least check out the next article to start your journey and see how it resonates with you then!

Check out my Human Design Intro Course to help you understand your design better and put this into practice!