The Week of You

Recently I did a clarity call with a woman who became a client, her concern wasn’t over money or time, but whether she could trust herself do the work. 

After talking for 40 minutes with this amazing woman she declared that 2016 was going to be “The year of Me”. 

Slapping her card down and investing in herself with my six month program she decided that this was only fear, she wanted to feel better, she wanted to take herself seriously – no excuses, just results.

Her goals are to get into overall balance in her body again, she has seen what menopause did to her mom and she doesn’t want a repeat performance so she’s taking charge of her life now because she knows it doesn’t have to be that way. She was simply tired of feeling exhausted, lethargic anxious and heavy all the time. She knows she could get a book to tell her what to do, but that real change comes from having that accountability partner, and someone to show her what SHE needs, not what works for the masses. 

In honour of this beautiful client, I am declaring Feb 15-18 The Week of You.

What do you need to say YES to?

What are you afraid of doing but know you should?

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself? Your health?

All you need to do right now is join my Facebook group. All week I will be giving you expert advice on how you too can have a Year of You starting right now.

You in?

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