Anxiety is your heart’s way of telling you you’re off track…

Anxiety is your heart’s way of telling you you’re off track…
Our bodies are so intelligent, we don’t give them enough credit. I have felt so anxious over the years, this crippling feeling inside my chest, it radiates up to my head and renders me paralyzed – unable to speak or make a move.
What I have found is that there is a direct correlation between when I’m not trusting myself or listening to myself and this intense feeling in my body.
What I did to overcome this is whenever I recognized I was in my anxious pattern, I reminded myself I was safe – I was not in immediate danger, I was in my living room or whatnot, and safe from anything nefarious.
Then I would start tapping my fingers on my sternum and breathe. Just to calm down the whoosh whoosh whoosh in my brain.
Then I would move my body like dance, or stretches or go for a walk and I’d examine…what happened that made me so nervous?
Usually, it was thinking about something I was afraid to face, or it was desperately wanting to say no to something I didn’t agree to but had no idea how to say it.
Once I recognized it was my thinking that was causing the panic, I would continue to calm my nervous system down, and then ask specific questions:
What is my next best step?
What does my heart want?
What is in my best interest?
What’s a win-win?
How can this be resolved and I keep my integrity?
From there, little solutions started to drop in and I’d take action on them and find that over time, my anxiety started to loosen its grip, the episodes would be farther apart and it was much easier for me to hear my intuition and most importantly, trust it and follow it.
I know there is so much going on right now, and it may be hard for you to process the heaviness of life…and to even consider the big things is exhausting.
Give yourself a break – I give you Permission to Pause, breathe, calm your system down (not as in CALM DOWN lol), and put your hand on your heart and say “It’s gonna be ok, we’re gonna figure this out, and I’m gonna trust that I’m safe and the universe has my back”…
Hard to do when you’re revving on all cylinders and the world feels like its collapsing, but even giving yourself that gift once a day can accumulate and really help you make decisions from an empowered place.
Love you!

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