Let’s create your Delicious Life together…


  • You have a vicious cycle of wanting to change, you do something about it, but then it’s sabotaged somehow and so you “fail”. Failing gets you down and depressed so you start to eat / think /act horribly again and feel even worse. So then you try something else and it’s the same thing over and over. 
  • You love your business and want to devote energy to it, but you’re running on empty by 3pm. You keep pushing through anyway. But that’s come at a price (lost sales, failed projects, “sick days”).
  • You’ve tried to meditate (once) but think it’s not for you – your mind is way too busy for that shit.
  • Listened to or read all the self-help Guru’s out there but are still thinking life could be better, less crazy, more fulfilling.

Now imagine this…

  • Imagine actually making changes that stick. Imagine waking up each new day feeling better than the last. 
  • Imagine eating your favourite foods and losing weight. 
  • Imagine being able to have enough energy to keep going and feel good-tired at the end of the day, instead of exhausted.
  • Imagine losing that spare tire around your waist.
  • Imagine finding ways to hustle without the burnout. Maintain your A-Type status, but in a way that brings success and ease into your life instead of burnout and stress.
  • Days with incredible stamina, drive and no mental fog.

That first list? It’s so fixable. And in a way that compliments your life. Make life-changing choices, without feeling like you’re overhauling your life, cause you’ve got shit to do! And preparing massive, complicated meals, 3 hours of yoga a day and giving up wine is NOT high on your priority list.

That life I asked you to imagine, it’s possible.

None of the other books or programs you’ve tried seem to work long-term.  You’re getting older and your body is starting to talk to you.


But you have not found anyone who “gets you” and your struggle, everyone wants you to be perfect and that’s part of the problem – you do too but it’s too much pressure! And so you file this as “I’ll do it when…”, “It’s not that bad”…, “I have too much going on”.

Introducing: The Delicious Life Powerhouse, a customized, common sense, no bullsh*t, VIP experience, for people who just want RESULTS once and for all, without feeling overwhelmed, preached to, judged or who are told to eliminate their favourite foods.

Simply put, I’m the nutritionist people who would never hire a nutritionist, hires. My superpower is Slaying Sabotages – meaning I help you get out of your own way so that you can fully live up to that woman that is deep inside you.

Why? Because my approach is different, we get right to work addressing the real reasons you’re stuck. This isn’t a meal plan and a list of veggies, this is deep work that finally gets you the results you are longing for.

  • Weight loss that lasts, and that’s done in a safe and lasting way.
  • Real energy that doesn’t come from coffee.
  • A shift in mindset from deprivation and guilt to enjoying food and all that life has to offer. 
  • A sense of ease in your life, from overwhelm to control.

This isn’t about dieting.

This is about LIVING.

The Delicious Life Powerhouse program makes it possible for you to:

Lose enough weight to be healthy

Have actual energy that doesn’t come from that fourth coffee

Travel in comfort and style and not gain weight or fall into bad habits when doing so

Develop better eating habits and eradicate the dieting mindset that has you stuck (calories, cutting carbs and intermittent fasting have no place in my kitchen). 

Have better, refreshing sleep without Ambien.

Fix digestive problems like bloating and food sensitivities.

Have more stamina and eradicate the mental fog that forces you to slow down. (Torture!)

End the constant struggle with starting and stopping your goals.

Really step into the powerful person you already are inside.

Shift your mindset in ways the 1% do. (Are you the 1% of people who take action?)

And to be able to bring in more clarity, alignment, and money by de-cluttering your food, the thoughts that keep you stuck, the anxious panic that makes you feel like you’re being productive but is actually holding you back.

Yeah. That’s the power of coaching with someone who gets you, and meets you exactly where you’re at.

This isn’t a sensational diet plan where you starve and deprive yourself, this is sustainable changes in your busy life.

This isn’t a quick fix either. It’s designed to change your life for good.

You learn to shift your mindset in ways you never thought possible.

  • Eradicating anxiety
  • Ditching food guilt
  • Truly loving yourself
  • Stepping up into the life you really want

All without any of that “heart centered”, new age bullshit. There’s lots of woo woo in my house, but consider it Buddha in S&M bondage gear and Louboutin shoes. 

You learn to include foods you love, not exclude foods.  

  • No dieting
  • No weighing,
  • No counting,
  • No depriving.  

Hell to the No. You learn how to make healthy taste good using foods that are whole, alive, and good quality.

Wine and chocolate are included. (Did you get that?)


The way I work is different than what you may have experienced in the past with other healthcare practitioners.

This is not a one-time appointment followed by an overwhelming protocol and a follow up appointment a month later.

This is you and me, together in the trenches of your life, every week for several months. I get all up in your business because how you do one thing is how you do everything. When you decide to make changes to your food habits the rest of your life will also change. We get under the hood and look at every area of your life.

I have powerful conversations with people. I shift you from plateau into possibility. All of this leads to creating your deliciously gorgeous life from head to toe.


What You Get


If you’ve been reading this and nodding your head and feel the pull (it’s no accident you’re here), then your next step is to schedule a Sabotage Slaying Session with me.

In these calls we will:

  • Identify where you’ve been stuck and what’s been holding you back.
  • Create a plan to move forward with based on your life – not a cookie cutter approach.
  • Ignite a fire within you to make some real, positive changes in your life, ones you keep putting off or think may be impossible to achieve.

Krisha has helped me to rediscover my passion for preparing my own food – which I really didn’t expect! – and this has helped enormously with my wellbeing.

Lisa Cherry Beaumont

Krisha Young is my GO TO girl with all things to do with health and feeling physically fantastic! I am still sugar and processed food free….5 months and counting!!

Jennifer Scott

She’s the REAL DEAL. And I can’t BELIEVE how good I am beginning to feel, and in some ways how sick I actually was. This lady knows her shite!!

Not sure a delicious life is for you? Check out these FAQ’s to learn more about how I help you feel amazing in your body and life.

I just met you, I'm not ready to commit to coaching yet, can I try before I buy?

I get it, you’re new here, new to me and my way of working, and you want to try before you buy. Anything is possible and I’m flexible – I’m here to serve, and while I know that coaching is the sweet spot of total transformation, I also understand you want to see if I’m right for you. You can begin by grabbing my 5 Day Healthy Habit Reset, and by checking out my Shop page for my amazing digital programs you can try on your own! I also have an amazing Facebook community, The D Spot, you are free to join.

What's the Investment?

The answer to this question depends on which program suits you best based on where you are struggling, your budget, and availability. I have many options to choose from your best bet is to schedule a Sabotage Slaying Session with me and we can discuss your options there.

How are you different than a Naturopath or dietitian?


  1. I’ve been where you are and have real life experience and live my message every day.
  2. I am trained to look beyond just the body and into your LIFE and your thoughts that are getting in your way.
  3. I don’t throw a bunch of supplements at you and hope for the best, nor do I recommend nutrition-only plans.
  4. While I am a fully qualified Holistic Nutritionist I’m also a certified Life Coach so by combining these two modalities, plus my superpower, you get real results, fast.
I’ve failed at this so many times before. I worry that I don’t have the strength or willpower to make these kinds of changes stick. How do you know I’ll be able to do this?

There is no willpower required to do this work. All that’s required is a willingness to be open, honest and curious. In fact, the tools and strategies I’m going to teach you are designed to supercharge your willpower. Once you dig under the surface and learn how to rewire and reprogram your thoughts, beliefs and habits around food and healthy habits – the cravings dissipate, your willpower multiplies and the food part naturally shifts. You can absolutely do this!

Have more questions? Don't be shy!

Click here to schedule in a call with me to chat about how I can best help you make this decision.

I’ve died and gone to food heaven. The land of FUCK Dieting. Krisha Young
Really. Do i have to even defend this? Images. Bombshell. Delicious saturated colors (what you should be eating) make you want to eat her up! This woman geeks out on nutrition so you can get healthy drinking wine, eating chocolate. Roll around naked with some kale? Yes, please. Seriously. She knows her stuff.

Sara B

I decided not to buy into the diet industry hype and I hired a nutritionist. Since working with Krisha Young I am down 14 lbs (in about 6 weeks). I still have wine. There has been no extreme cleanse and I only temporarily cut out a few things to regulate my digestion. And I’m eating more. In fact I should be eating even more! So if you are tired all the time, no longer feeling the really curvy curves (my goal will always include my curves) and want a real solution…HIRE HER!

Delora Guignon

I did not want to hire someone.
I wanted to just take a pill, drink a shake, or read a book like others have been able to do.
I was afraid of what she would have me eating (kale and celery all day)

I am blown away at how much better I feel but I’m most surprised by the changes I see:

My skin is kind of glowing
My energy is improving
I am calm, like really calm, not all over the place
I am happy
I have no idea what the scale says because I don’t care, but my clothes are a tad bit looser.

Kendrick Shope

Let's chat!

A conversation is all it takes to move you forward…if you’re feeling scared, then you know this is the right next step.

Fear is a sign that you’re ready to move to the next level in your life. Don’t let it win – it’s been winning all these years and that’s why you’ve been stuck with these things.

If anything resonated with you on this page…then get your cute butt in my calendar and let’s get you on the path to living your Delicious Life.