Feeling Stuck…? Said this to yourself lately?

“I just want to get the fuck out of my own way, and become a sexy empowered bitch”.

Then you’re in the right place.

  • You want so much more for your life, but you’re just not doing it. Maybe you’re so full of self-doubt, you’re worried what others will think if you start to make different choices in your life, maybe you’re physically exhausted and running on empty most days, maybe you’re in a transition (from careers, or relationships, from old habits that you don’t want anymore) but you aren’t sure where to start, or even what you really want.
  • You have a little tug inside of you. Something inside that you’ve been ignoring, stuffing down with food, booze, shopping, pot, sex, work…but it’s there. It wakes you up at 3am, it shows up in the worst place and at the worst time, but you keep hitting MUTE on that tug because it seems TOO BIG, too scary, silly for you to want to be, do or have more…so you stay stuck.
  • You have a vicious cycle of wanting to change, you do something about it, but then it’s sabotaged somehow and so you “fail”. Failing gets you down and depressed so you start to eat/think /act horribly again and feel even worse. So then you try something else and it’s the same thing over and over. 
  • You love your business or career and want to do more with it, but you’re full of self-doubt or procrastinate. You’re sabotaging your own success by not putting yourself out there more, asking for the sale, raising your prices.
  • You’ve tried to meditate (once) but think it’s not for you – your mind is way too busy for that shit.
  • You’re thinking life could be better, less crazy, more fulfilling – why are you still feeling unhappy? Then you instantly feel guilty because you have so much to be grateful for. But still…

Now imagine this…

  • Imagine listening to that tug and giving it the respect it deserves and realizing that you CAN be, do, have whatever it is you want without the guilt.
  • Imagine walking into a room feeling like you OWN it.
  • Imagine finding and using your own voice – I bet you have some powerful things to say!
  • Imagine de-fanging that inner critic – the voice that is always so negative and that puts you down all the time. You know the one – it’s SO LOUD and so hard to silence.
  • Imagine actually feeling calmer and happier and healthier without having to lose your magnificent EDGE.
  • Imagine breaking the cycles that have kept you stuck (you know, the one where you say to yourself “why do I keep doing this?!”

That life I asked you to imagine, it’s possible. I’ve done it (read more about that here), and I’ve helped countless others too (check out here).


None of the other books or programs or maybe even coaches you’ve tried seem to work long-term.  You’ve tried therapy but still feel that tug, still feel unhappy, still self-sabotage.


You wonder “What the hell is wrong with me???? I have so much to be grateful for but I feel so unhappy and stuck”.


So you start to feel guilty for wanting more, and then the tolerating begins again.


Honey, do you think Oprah, Michelle Obama, Brene Brown, or Beyonce TOLERATE shit in their lives?

Hell no. They did what it takes including getting hella-uncomfortable with their own stuff. They looked at hit head on and said – let’s do this. They took their DESIRES and they did what they had to do to go for it.

I’m 100% positive they have their bad days, but they’ve learned the tools on how to feel doubt or fear, honour it, and move through it.

Society teaches us to be “good”, to be “quiet”, to be grateful for what we have and not ask for more, to listen to everyone else, to put everyone else first, that making money in exchange for service is a “bad” thing, that putting ourselves and our truth first is wrong and selfish.

Bull. Shit.


That tug, that longing, that desire you have is REAL and it’s NOT SELFISH. In fact, if you have something inside of you that you desire, it’s selfish to keep it inside! Stay with me here…


Let’s say you really want to start your own business, or speak on stage, or uncover why you treat yourself so badly (with no self care, eating poorly, stressing out all the time etc)…but you keep denying this because you’re scared focusing on you is selfish and you feel guilty about that…


Think of all the potential people who will miss out on getting help from you because you failed to show up for them. Think of your family, your children, who are watching you not take care of yourself and who are learning from you and doing what you do, not what you say.


Yes, that might be harsh, but I’m a mom of two boys…so I know mama guilt, I’m also a business owner so I know stress and how scary it is to put yourself out there.


Maybe you have not found anyone who “gets you” and your struggle, all you can find out there are programs or coaches who don’t quite speak to you the way this is speaking to you.  And so you file your little TUG as “I’ll do it when…”, “It’s not that bad”…, “I have too much going on”…”Pass me that bottle of wine…”. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.


You’re not a victim. So give yourself permission to stop being one.


Introducing: The Delicious Life Powerhouse, a customized, common sense, no bullsh*t, VIP coaching experience, for women who just want RESULTS once and for all, without feeling overwhelmed, preached to, judged or told to give up the things you really love!

My superpower is Slaying Your Sabotages – meaning I help you get out of your own way so that you can fully live up to that woman that is deep inside you.

Why? Because my approach is different, we get right to work addressing the real reasons you’re stuck. This isn’t a quick fix, this is deep work that finally gets you the results you are longing for.

  • Success on your terms – whether that is in the boardroom or in the bedroom.
  • A shift in mindset from feeling guilty, negative, ashamed, apologetic, full of self-doubt and self-sabotage to one of EMPOWERMENT, UNAPOLOGETIC SUCCESS, LOVE FOR YOURSELF, quieting the voices and discerning between what is a true thought and what is utter bullshit (right now, everything feels like truth).
  • And to be able to bring in more clarity, alignment, and money by de-cluttering your life, the thoughts that keep you stuck, the anxious panic that makes you feel like you’re being productive but is actually holding you back. 

Yeah. That’s the power of coaching with someone who gets you, and meets you exactly where you’re at.


Check this out


If you’ve been reading this and nodding your head and feel the pull (it’s no accident you’re here), then your next step is to schedule a Discovery Session with me.

In these calls we will:

  • Identify where you’ve been stuck and what’s been holding you back.
  • Create a plan to move forward with based on your life – not a cookie cutter approach.
  • Ignite a fire within you to make some real, positive changes in your life, ones you keep putting off or think may be impossible to achieve.

Not sure a delicious life is for you? Check out these FAQ’s to learn more about how I help you feel amazing in your body and life.

I just met you, I'm not ready to commit to coaching yet, can I try before I buy?

I get it, you’re new here, new to me and my way of working, and you want to try before you buy. Anything is possible and I’m flexible – I’m here to serve, and while I know that coaching is the sweet spot of total transformation, I also understand you want to see if I’m right for you. You can begin by grabbing my Slay Your Sabotages & Live Your Delicious Life Guide and by checking out my Shop page for my amazing digital programs you can try on your own! I also have an amazing Facebook community, The D Spot, you are free to join.

What's the Investment?

The answer to this question depends on which program suits you best based on where you are struggling, your budget, and availability. I have many options to choose from your best bet is to schedule a Discovery Session with me and we can discuss your options there.

How's this different than other programs?


  1. I’ve been where you are and have real life experience and live my message every day.
  2. I am trained to look beyond just the surface and into your patterns, behaviours and your thoughts that are getting in your way.
  3. While I am a fully qualified Life Coach, I’m also a Holistic Nutritionist and successful entrepreneur so you get a complete holistic approach to whatever issue comes up. 
  4. I am all about truth and telling it like it is, but am totally loving and compassionate – so you’ll get the understanding you’re looking for, but you can guarantee I’m going to push you when I need to so that you get results fast.
I’ve failed at this so many times before. I worry that I don’t have the strength or willpower to make these kinds of changes stick. How do you know I’ll be able to do this?

There is no willpower required to do this work. All that’s required is a willingness to be open, honest and curious. In fact, the tools and strategies I’m going to teach you are designed to supercharge your willpower. Once you dig under the surface and learn how to rewire and reprogram your thoughts, beliefs and habits around why you sabotage yourself – your confidence skyrockets, your willpower multiplies and you start to feel way happier in your own skin. You can absolutely do this!

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What we do on these calls:

  1. Identify what’s been keeping you stuck from moving forward.
  2. Create an action plan to get you out of your own way so that you can live your best life.
  3. Have fun, dig deep and get results.