The Work You’ve Done Has Gotten You Closer To Where You Want To Be

…but not close enough.

The thing is, the barriers you keep hitting are not impenetrable.

And I have the most innovative, radical, and SEXIEST approach to finally breaking down those barriers.

Once. And. For. All.


There is not a pattern or a belief I cannot get my clients through or around.

Because what I do breaks your life-draining, profit-restricting, passion squelching patterns,…no matter who you are.

And the chances are…

Part of the reason you’ve gotten as far as you have is because you’ve already been doing “the work” and broken out of some patterns and behaviors…

But...It’s time to go BEYOND.

It’s time to release those remaining patterns that have kept you from achieving all of your dreams.

Using my exclusive Pattn Lee™ Framework, I take you into the depths, help you see what patterns you currently cannot see, then we formulate the fastest, easiest path THROUGH them to establish NEW patterns that will lead you straight to your greatest white hot desires.


Here’s How It Works:

I know you’ve likely worked with coaches and therapists before and so you aren’t new to this kind of work, and that’s awesome - you are PERFECT for coaching with me.

I love working with women who already see a lot of what is going on and where it comes from - it saves us a lot of time.

But as we’ve discovered, there’s still a bit more because you’re still not feeling on fire in the way you know you can.

In my coaching containers, which you can learn more about when you schedule a complimentary Awakening Call, (or click here to learn more) we will be exploring the following five Zones of Healing:

We’ll dig into the real cause of your blocks so we can dive in at the heart of the matter - no spending months in talk therapy. Let’s get right to the point so we can get you focused results.

All of this means you will have clarity about the thing that's depriving you from your happiest, sexiest, more profitable existence and what to do about it.

To truly walk into the most empowered version of yourself you really need to dig deeper to find out what your self-sabotaging patterns are, what you want, what your values are and to truly feel your worth.

The Pattn Lee Framework

A unique system of uncovering your conscious and unconscious ways of doing things.

By using proven techniques to break these down we will create a juicy life for you.

You are TOO amazing to live in beige, your life should be technicolor.

Passion that sets your soul on fire…
And a BUSINESS that allows it all to stay in motion…

Pattn Lee ai (PRC) - Stages of Awareness:


WTF? Moment

We dig and uncover what patterns are actually preventing you from creating shift and reaching your goals because your body and your mind still respond to painful core wounds - this is where you’re like ”WTF just happened…how did I get HERE again??”

Through PRC we identify the precursors to the WTF moment so you don’t end up in this place again.


Car Crash Moments

You CLEARLY see yourself as the patterns are activated, but you still struggle to make another choice while in the midst of the patterned behavior…like watching a car crash you just can’t stop

PRC is your defensive driving course - when you feel yourself sliding into a Car Crash moment, it will give you the tools to avoid disaster.


The Crossroad Moments

This is where you are faced with the same challenge but you get to make a different choice in the moment…thus beginning to break the pattern. These are the times I hear, “Krisha! This is too fucking hard!” because it’s a choice between the comfort of the old way of doing things or the new way which feels unfamiliar but is the way you want to go. (Fleeting)

PRC has already helped you make a better choice, and it helps you get out of that “oh fuck/this is too hard” moment quicker.


Unlocked Revelations

You now have a choice - go down the old path where it's "easier" in the moment, or choose a new path (essentially reprogramming neuropathways and the nervous system) which is harder at this moment, but leads to BLISS on the other side.

PRC is already reprogramming your brain and body to know that this moment won’t last and you’re worthy of more.



Triggers arise, but you no longer respond to them physiologically, emotionally, or mentally. You are healed and those core wounds, your patterns are no longer the reason you don’t have the life you want. You look up one day and say "wow, that USED to bother me SO MUCH! Now it doesn't at all anymore". This is living in technicolor.

Welcome to the new you...

Here's what some of my clients think about me...

This woman is powerful. If you would like to have real DEPTHCARGED change in your life, Krisha is your gal. She does not play on the surface - this isn't regular coaching, this is transformational life changing coaching where she will show up for you in a way you've never experienced before, and you will show up for yourself in a way you never have before.

Shauna A.

She is an unstoppable force that every woman needs to be around because you have no idea who you can be and this is the woman who can help you to get there, I would recommend anyone if you're feeling stuck, she is the person for you.

Tanya P.