More confidence? More joy? To feel satisfied, heard and loved?


I’m Krisha Young, certified coach, human design analyst, speaker, and business mentor and I’m here to help you Ascend into more Passion, your Purpose and your Feminine Power.




Because I have been coaching women just like you for over 6 years and I practice what I preach.


I have journeyed through the pain of having no self-confidence, self-esteem or self-love and created a life of ordinary overwhelm because I was just too scared to really go after my dreams.

I felt I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or capable enough to really go big.

I felt it was for other people and every time I tried to go bigger I was met by obstacles that kept knocking me back and down.

People who made comments about me being too loud, too sexy, too emotional.

My need to please others so that I would be liked because to be rejected was way too painful, so I would stay small so I could be “accepted”.

My need to take care of everyone, including the adult men in my life, because I wanted to be wanted and needed so that I could feel as if I was contributing somehow.

The negative voices in my head shouted at me that something was wrong with me.


But deep inside I knew there was a stronger, confident, unapologetic badass woman in there and I’ve spent the last 7 years excavating her, nourishing her and giving her permission to emerge and go after the life I was put here to live.


And I am here to help you do the same.


I have a solid track record of helping women step out of their limits and blocks and step into their best lives.


I have spoken on stages and been interviewed on many podcasts on the topic of putting yourself first, going after what it is you really want, not following the crowd and stepping into your most powerful self and it’s my honour to be able to be your guide on this phase of your journey.


I have succeeded in letting go of the old stories and mindset that kept me small and have gone for my dreams such as quitting my corporate job to pursue owning my business, and leaving an unhealthy marriage to pursue my truth and passion and to fall in love with myself so that I can attract in the purest love I desire in all areas of my life from where I live, to how I work, to how I mother my boys (I have two young boys!), to romance, friendships and everything in between.


Satisfaction, love, freedom, growth, flow are not just buzzwords. They are inner truths. They are my top Values and if they’re yours too, you’re in the right place.


You’re not here to play small, so if you feel you’re here to play big and have some big blocks stopping you, then you want a coach who can help you move out of your own way and really step into your Purpose, Passion and Feminine Power.


No matter what phase you are in or what you want to accomplish, I have tools to help you get there.