Women in their 40’s start to see their inner crone sneak in.

*The greys.
*The wrinkles.
*The saggy boobs, the “floppy” vagina.
*The old hands.
*The crinkly elbows.
*The saggy knee skin.

Oh, it’s all there for us to FACE.

We can definitely fight time, we live in a blessed age where we can get injections and the like to reduce this affronting change in our youthful appearance.

I have no objections to that.


If you do not honor the crone within, you WILL age horribly.


*You will hate every moment of it.
*You will criticize every part of yourself.
*You will beat yourself up.
*You’ll avoid hot sex.
*You’ll stop wearing a bikini.
*You’ll hide more and more.
*Your radiance will die.


💕You can embrace her.
💕Love her.
💕Do whatever the fuck you want with your outside, your skin, your boobs, your body.

But make damn sure you are matching your inner confidence with the outer adornment.

Adorn your inner and your outer will SHINE.

Love your crone.

She is wise.

She knows what’s what.

She doesn’t suffer fools.

She commands life.

She is wise.

Own her.

Love her.

Phot): Whang-od Oggay also known as Maria Oggay, is a Filipino (Philippines) oldest tattoo artist, 100 plus years old.