Women Have Mid-Life Crisis Too


I’ve just been through what’s commonly known as a “mid-life crisis” (YES! Women go through these ALL THE TIME!!!) and had all the feels – dissatisfied, angry, depressed, unfulfilled.

I’ve used pot, wine, food and overworking to cope with my shit.

I’ve fallen off the wagon more times than I can count.

I’ve beat myself up so badly that I actually felt physically beat.

I’ve been stressed, uncertain, doubtful and scared.

I’ve ugly cried more times than I can count and screamed and begged for mercy at times.

My emotions have taken over, and I’ve lost my temper more than once.

And one day I said f*ck this motherf*cking shit and decided that I was NOT going to live like this anymore.

And I started to shift things.

Every time I noticed I was in any of these states I would remind myself of my healthier ways of coping.

So I started to:

Meditate more

Dance more

Journal more

And really got to grips with what my saboteurs are.

And eventually, the above (un-)coping mechanisms and ways of being started to be replaced with healthier rituals, I noticed I wasn’t as mercurial in my emotions anymore, I was feeling happier, joyful and light.

This stuff started to work! It worked because I worked it.

I became more devoted to my happiness than my misery and over time, these rituals became my go-to for coping, and now my life revolves around them, not the other way around.

And instead of having a LONG, drawn out midlife crisis (the average is 3-10 years), I made my shifts in 18 months.
Instead of dreading how my body was changing I’m witnessing my body actually REVERSE in age (I stopped having grey hair…for one).

My “crisis” turned into an “Awakening” into aligned purpose and fulfillment.

I know this stuff works, and so that is why I created Calm in the Chaos, a free 5 day series to help you stay anchored and calm your mind with healthier coping mechanisms.

I distilled what I have learned over the last 8 years of deep diving into my own psyche and personal development and working with hundreds of women in my coaching business into 5 easy rituals to help you cope better AND become aware of the things that make you fall off the wagon so you too can stop sabotaging your own efforts.

If you’re a woman in or around 40 years old and you’re finding sometimes that you feel stuck and not able to move forward towards the future you have dreamed of, and you’re struggling or unsatisfied ~ just know, I was that too and I worked through it in record time and help women like you do the same. ❤

I know you will get so much benefit from this series, I wish I had this when I was going through my stuff.
Join and if you hate it – unsubscribe. But I think you’re gonna LOVE it.

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