How to have wine and chocolate and still lose weight

Hey lady. So You’d like to know how to have your delicious wine and chocolate and still lose weight?

What’s your favourite wine?

Me? I like a buttery chardonnay or a crisp sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. 

What’s your favourite chocolate?

Mine is dark, organic, even home-made!

You see, it’s totally OK to have these foods, and it is totally possible to have these foods and lose weight.

It’s all about WHY you’re having it. 

Wine has a lot of sugar in it, and yes, reducing your consumption will help you release water weight, balance your blood sugar and balance your microbiome (gut bacteria), so being intelligent and aware of this puts you one step ahead of the next person who is blindly glugging away with no idea what alcohol is doing to her body. In addition, alcohol is absorbed straight away through your stomach, which is why drinking on an empty stomach is so much fun, erm, I mean, gets you drunk fast. It’s also hard on your liver.

BUT this isn’t about doom and gloom of how booze is bad for us. Instead, it’s a trip into your habits around consumption and how taking a look at these habits can help make the small shifts that add up to big changes.

So be honest with yourself. How often are you having wine? Is it every day? If so, ask yourself why. Are you having it to numb out? To calm down after a stressful day? If so, perhaps on 3 of 7 days you can start to do other things that will help you calm down or numb out (I don’t really recommend numbing out though). Maybe you can have a shower, do some yoga poses, or a meditation, or go for a walk instead. Explore other ways to get the same “high” without needing the actual booze. (The same goes if you use food to numb out).

By monitoring and taking stock of how much and WHY you have wine (and chocolate), you can start to gain more control of it. And having more control around these things will help you consume them less, which in turn will help you eventually let go of any weight being held or gained because of overconsumption.

When I started my journey towards losing weight and looking at my own destructive and addictive behaviours I found that (with help from my coaches) I was able to get to a point where I could have a glass of wine just for a glass of wine and not to numb out or release a stressful day. I still have my moments – especially when the kids are driving me crazy! – but for the most part, I can ask myself “Am I having this because I desire a nice, crisp glass of wine, or because I need to numb out.” And it it’s to numb out I dig deep and explore what’s coming up for me and deal with that first.

So I bet this post wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, eh? Another nutritionist telling you to eat organic, non-GMO or healthy recipes etc…However, it’s so much more than that, and with working with hundreds of women just like you, I know this is the real message you need to hear. Not another fucking recipe.

Tell me in the comments below what your takeaway is from this post and if you can make a promise to yourself to next time stop for a moment before reaching for the wine (or chocolate, or chips or sex or Facebook, or whatever), to explore WHY you’re doing it. Without judgment, please. Awareness is the first step, and I promise you once you get to a place where you are self-aware and observing, the weight does start to drop off! My clients call it magic!

Tell me below.

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