Why I loved 2016

I hope you’ve had one amazing year!  I’ve had so much fun with you and this Community of amazing women and some men! ky 

But HOLD UP, before we jump into 2017 let’s take a little time to celebrate 2016 and all the amazing shifts and changes that have occurred.  I’ll be sharing with you some of the best from 2016 this week and next.

The Best from Jan – June 2016

Here’s what the first part of 2016 looked like:

January 2016 was the Month of looking at Habits and Travel
In January we looked at the most common mistakes that I see bright inelegant make every year.
Most common Eating Mistakes People Make in January
5 Ways to Stick to Your New Year& Resolutions
10 Tips for Healthy Travelling

February 2016 was the Month of beating the bloat and bust Limiting Beliefs
If you ever find yourself “care” needs are often the last priority on your already overflowing list then you “NEED” to read, “The Week of You.”
3 Easy Steps to Beat the bloat
The Week of You
What is self care?
How a bra changed my life 
Are you dimming your light? 

March 2016 was the Month of Yoga, Weight Shaming, Sleep and Keeping a Healthy brain.
We get real and honest about how to get some much-needed Z’s, weight shaming and of course how to keep your wits about you.

5 Nutritionist Approved Tips – National Nutrition Month
3 Tips for a better nights sleep
The Weight Shame Game
4 Brain Loving Foods (To keep you smarter and sharper)
How Yoga made me a better Entrepreneur
April 2016 was the Month of Health, Recipes and living Stress-Free
In April I shared with you the 3 Stages of Adrenal Fatigue, why it’s not all about weight loss and some YUMMY recipes to enjoy!
Spring Veggie – Asparagus!
Healthy Sauteed Asparagus with Parmesan Fritters and Froached Egg
De-Clutter Your Life – 5 Hacks to Live Simpler and Stress Free
It’s NOT about Weightloss. It’s about Health.
3 Stages of Adrenal FatigueMay 2016 was about Habits, Poop and How to Fall in Love with Yourself
We welcomed @organiclulula who shared how she fell in love with herself and her brilliant tips on how you can too!
Are Your Food Habits Affecting Your Business?
The Scoop on Poop – Why you should care about your poop
Habits that are Causing You to Overeat
How I fell in love with myself & how you can too.June 2016 was a Month of Ultimate Tips for Mind and Body
Oh, do I have an exercise for you!  If you’ve never done the Ultimate Act As If you need to check it out and then take action!
On the pill? Read this.
You don’t have to go gluten free to be healthy
The Ultimate Act As If
The one thing that’s destroying your business
How to maintain the luxury you experience on the road while at home.

I hope you’re gearing up for another amazing year – 2017!
I’d love it if you add a comment below to let me know what your biggest wins and losses were for 2016. Share what you’ve learned and what you’d like to achieve in 2017!  

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