Why you should NOT follow Beyonce’s dieting advice.

Because she is Beyonce.


And you are you.


Be you, do what is right for YOUR body. Sure, dabble, try veganism for a couple weeks, but listen to your body. Not everyone can physiologically go meat free for a long time.


Besides, apparently she’s not 100% meat free so watch out for misleading headlines.


Remember when Gwenneth Paltrow was Macrobiotic? Yeah, she isn’t anymore.


Listen to your body.


Incorporating more plant based foods (aka vegetables) I 100% endorse and support. 


If you want to try it, here are some resources I approve of:

Thug Kitchen

Oh She Glows

And if you’re into heavy metal, this could work too (turn down your speakers; or up – depending on your penchant for death rock).


And if you want your own version of what Beyonce has, I can help you get there. Book your free clarity call today.


Now play this and get dancin’.



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