Why no “you time” is killing you

We hear it all the time, how important self care is and what usually follows is a long laundry list of things you can do now.

But what if you’re working full time or building a business, and have kids or aging parents? What if money’s a little tight and the idea of a spa day seems like a luxury for millionaires.

The truth is, if you don’t start prioritizing “you time” – whatever that looks like, you will burn out. Guaranteed.

We are resilient creatures, women, we can handle A LOT. Our brains are wired for multi-tasking and to take care of others, but all of this focus on other people is making women realy sick. 

Weight gain, really bad menopause, anxiety and even depression – all signs you are not prioritizing you time.

So how do you do it without feeling stressed out about adding one more thing in, or feeling guilty for taking time for yourself?

First let’s break this down:

What are the benefits of you taking you time for yourself?

  1. less stress
  2. feel more relaxed (remember that?)
  3. feel happier
  4. feel in control

How does not prioritizing yourself affect those around you?

  1. snapping at your kids or partner
  2. less present and available (always thinking of what’s next on your to-do list)
  3. crying or yelling all the time
  4. feeling like you’re always losing your shit

Is that any way to live?

“You-time” doesn’t have to be a dirty word or concept. 

But it does need to become a priority. Not an “I’ll do it when”. It has to become a non-negotiable. Not a nice to have but a must have.

So right now I want you to choose one thing you enjoy doing on your own and if you don’t know what that is, what do you fantasize about when you’re overwhelmed? Go do that.

Schedule it in. Tell everyone you’re doing it no matter what. Set some clear boundaries for yourself – stand up for yourself! Stop compromising yourself.

Yes, this is difficult to do. Yes, life will get in the way. Yes, there will be some adjusting needed but I promise you this will be the best thing for EVERYONE involved.

Imagine no longer yelling at your kids or spouse – don’t you think they’d love that more? I bet the people in your life would love it if you took some me-time.

Stop killing yourself slowly. Start living life!

Report in the comments what you’re going to start doing today – and then go and do it.

How do you open yourself up to receive what the universe has for you?

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