Why is summer a great time to get healthy?

Some people think summer’s the time to let go of healthy habits. Maybe because they’re off their routine, the kids are home from school, or they just want to chill out. They decide fall or January are the times to detox and get back on the wagon.

The truth is, most people put on weight in the summer (think ice cream cones and all that sangria) and enter the fall heavier than they were in the spring.

Here is a big giant ass list of reasons why summer is the PERFECT time to get healthy and why you shouldn’t put off your health until later:

  1.  You want to wear a regular bathing suit. Not a “mom” bathing suit that covers your hips, thighs, arms, legs…you get the drift.
  2. There is an abundance of food available in the summer, so many fresh and vibrant options compared to winter which basically has kale and broccoli and squash. Fun.
  3. You want nice turkey-flap-less arms in your tank top.
  4. It’s way easier to get outdoors and incorporate physical activity, even for 10 minutes at a time. You’re more likely to get out and go for a walk, or a bike ride in the summer.
  5. And speaking of outdoors, you get to top up on your essential vitamin D over the summer months. 20 minutes a day will do ya – no sunscreen.
  6. The days are longer so you can fit more in.
  7. You get to eat al fresco. Those bugs are just added protein! Yes!
  8. BBQ.
  9. Your kids are home more so you can teach them healthy habits too!
  10. You just naturally feel better in the summer and are more likely to get off your ass then in the winter when you just want to snuggle and eat more.
  11. Our appetites naturally decrease in the heat.
  12. It’s a great time to get used to drinking more water. And to experiment with fresh water infusions.
  13. Farmers markets abound so you can experiment with new fruits and veggies. Have fun!
  14. You can easily bring your habits to the cottage. Not having the pressure of city life means more time to prepare and cook fun and tasty meals everyone will love.
  15. Twist on regular BBQ meals like grilled veggies, grilled fish, chicken or turkey burgers, quinoa salads, chickpea salads, fresh fruits etc. Doesn’t always have to be steak and hot dogs! Get creative!
  16. You can sneak in healthy shit into Popsicles and your kids won’t even know!

Feel free to add your reasons in the comments below!

Now go and barbecue something.

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