I have been a powerful transformational coach for over 6 years, proudly earning the nickname Sabotage Slayer from previous clients.

I am here to help you to deeply embody your truth. You know ~ the one you are afraid to let loose. The part of you you’re afraid if people knew about, they’d reject you, or you might hurt others with it. In complete confidentiality, I will listen to you and actually hear and reframe what is going on in your life, so that you can turn these shadow parts of you into your superpowers. 

What would be different for you if you were to fully embrace ALL of who you are, unapologetically?

The work I do is a deep calling for me, and serves at a very high level ~ I work only with a very specific type of client, who is truly committed to deep and lasting change. See My Story for more information about me and the values I infuse into my coaching and mentoring.

Along with my business partner and co-host Shauna Arthurs (see below), we provide our Mentorship clients with experiential transformation that is unique to the marketplace. Our clients are intelligent, accomplished, and deeply devoted to their own growth and expansion. They come to us when they are stuck in particular areas, have exhausted their options (and often themselves), and want deep support to shed light on the gaps and blind spots they have been unable to shift.

We specialize in accelerated life transformation, for those who are willing to lay everything they’ve been up until now on the line to finally access the lives they truly want. This is how we live ourselves, and it is the beautiful standard to which we hold our clients.

Prepare to meet face to face with your deepest truth, while simultaneously being truly seen and supported at a level you have never experienced before.

Read on for more, if this speaks to you!


We have all been to motivational seminars and left feeling like a million bucks, only to have those feelings subside as the ‘gravity’ of our existing relational dynamics, both work and personal, took hold. Often the ultimate feelings are disappointment and frustration.

We are not interested in such results. Our work is an invitation to complete transformation that is as deep and wide as you are willing to go, and if you follow our loving lead, it will forever change your life.

Whether one on one or in group settings (see below), there will always be a deep dive into your specific circumstances, triggers, and beliefs. These may feel like ‘who you are,’ but we assure you they are not. 

Although we approach this sacred work from a space of joy and play, there will almost surely be pain as you see and acknowledge the patterns that have been keeping you stuck. This is GOOD. This is where transformation happens. This is where we hold such incredible loving space for you that you feel brave enough to go deeply into the feelings and emerge victorious and FREE, and into the lightness of being that is your true home. This is what no one told you about facing your darkest bits and emerging on the other side: there is MAGIC there.

We are deeply excited to reveal to you the magic that is ready to unfold when you dissolve all the things you thought you were and had to be. We live this way every day, continually evolving, and there has never been more joy than there is in this journey. Until the next moment.

We want to give you the gift of your truest, highest self; of alignment with your heart and soul; of deepest, moment-to-moment gratitude, and of personal sovereignty. We want to help you ascend into the life you were meant to live.


We have several ways of connecting with and serving our clients, with the most important underlying principle being that we always show up deeply and fully. We customize each person’s journey and services; only once we have spoken to you can we offer what we think will be the most effective, transformational experience for you. In some cases we offer group sessions so that clients can support each other through the process, however most often our work involves one on one support. 

In our experience, the most effective transformations occur with immersion: one to three full VIP days, either by zoom or in person, supported by initial and post-transformation personal calls and/or connecting containers such as Voxer (a private, conversation app.), to help encourage the complete dissolution of any sabotage and patterns which surface.

To explore your options and how you can make the most of this investment in your compelling future, BOOK A CALL WITH US.

You can also take a few moments to browse our gorgeous suite of powerful executive coaching and mentorship programs under the Ascended Woman and Ascended Man verticals. Click below to learn more.

For your viewing pleasure, we also have a wildly entertaining, thought-provoking and cutting edge show on You Tube ~ The Everything and Nothing Show. Check it out here!

Meet Krisha & Shauna

Krisha Young and Shauna Arthurs bring their combined power to you in what could be considered a depth-charge, transformational life experience.

Each a successful business woman in their own right, they met in 2018, and as they became acquainted it was quickly clear that their respective skills and journeys created a synergy that would be very powerful for clients, and for this planet.

 They are each dedicated to their own evolution, and as such they continue to up the ante in how they show up for each other and clients alike. The paradigm they are creating insists on deeper conversations, more courageous and powerful inner work, and MORE JOY as a result. Always.

With deep alignment to their own expanding truths, they offer clients, both in group settings and private packages, a lifeline into worlds of happiness and impact that had only been glimpsed in dreams. They live into it and then they guide others. They serve so deeply that the only result, when a client is as invested as they are, is complete transformation.

We do not offer legal or therapeutic advice, and we will never tell you what to do. We will support you in gaining clarity and full alignment in your choices.