I have been a powerful transformational coach for over 6 years, proudly earning the nickname Sabotage Slayer from previous clients.

I am here to help you to deeply embody your truth. You know ~ the one you are afraid to let loose. The part of you you’re afraid if people knew about, they’d reject you, or you might hurt others with it. In complete confidentiality, I will listen to you and actually hear and reframe what is going on in your life, so that you can turn these shadow parts of you into your superpowers. 

What would be different for you if you were to fully embrace ALL of who you are, unapologetically?

The work I do is a deep calling for me, and serves at a very high level ~ I work only with a very specific type of client, who is truly committed to deep and lasting change. See My Story for more information about me and the values I infuse into my coaching and mentoring.

I provide our Mentorship clients with experiential transformation that is unique to the marketplace. My clients are intelligent, accomplished, and deeply devoted to their own growth and expansion. They come to me when they are stuck in particular areas, are living out of integrity, have exhausted their options (and often themselves), and want deep support to shed light on the gaps and blind spots they have been unable to shift.

I specialize in accelerated life transformation, for those who are willing to lay everything they’ve been up until now on the line to finally access the lives they truly want. This is how I live myself, and it is the beautiful standard to which I hold my clients.

Prepare to meet face to face with your deepest truth, while simultaneously being truly seen and supported at a level you have never experienced before.

There are currently two ways we can work together, click on the images below to learn more.

The Vitality Lab is a 14-Day Intensive program

For the leader who doesn’t have time to be burnt out.

Lifestyle, Mindset & Spirituality focused coaching on how to prevent and reverse burnout.


Your Ascended Life is a 90-day Deep Dive Immersion program for Men and Women

For the leader who knows they’re here for more.

Lifestyle, Mindset & Spirituality focused coaching on how to step into your greatness.


Take a few moments to browse my gorgeous suite of powerful executive coaching and mentorship programs.

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Not quite ready to dive into coaching, no worries, you can grab my Free Toolkit: Calm in Your Chaos to help you with where you are right now in your journey. You can also browse my blog, vlog and learn more about Human Design.

Meet Krisha 

Krisha is a world changer. She serves at a very high level, with people who are open to their unlimited human potential and want to have their lives mean something spectacular.

She speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of coaching and investing in her own expansion, and her gift will do nothing less than blow your mind.

Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have global impact.

She will support you in your expansion, through the challenges of growth to the joys of feeling fully alive when your consciousness shifts and expands

With deep alignment to their own expanding truths, she offers clients, both in group settings and private packages, a lifeline into worlds of happiness and impact that had only been glimpsed in dreams. She lives into it and then she guides others. She serves so deeply that the only result, when a client is as invested as she is, is complete transformation.

We do not offer legal or therapeutic advice, and we will never tell you what to do. We will support you in gaining clarity and full alignment in your choices.