What is self care?

A question came up in my Facebook group:

Jennifer wants to know:

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I love this question, and it’s the reason why I actually hate the term self care. I think it throws people off and the definition is too broad or maybe seems indulgent.

Self care, in my opinion, is when you do something for you.

This can run the gamut from:

Reading a book instead of doing the dishes
Making a nice meal that nourishes your body
Listening to music you really love, loudly
Visiting friends
Having sex – with yourself or someone else
Setting boundaries and saying no
Getting physical – a walk, yoga, crossfit
Having a cup of coffee or glass of wine and actually savouring it
Buying yourself something you’ve wanted forever
Mindless TV
Nightly self massages using a beautiful oil and essential oils

To me it doesn’t mean a spa day, manicures or a luxury vacation – although those things count! It’s the little things you do every day to care for yourself.

And if you aren’t doing these things, you have to look inside and ask yourself why not? What part of you feels you don’t deserve to take care of yourself? Whose voice is that really?

Then journal/meditate/question/explore the fuck out of it.

Hope this helps!

PS – one more thing you can do? self care also consists of finally getting some professional help with whatever digestive/hormonal/weight hell you’ve been living in but haven’t been able to fix yourself. I’m the pro who can get you there – click here to book your free call with me. 

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