What I learned my first week as an entrepreneur

So it’s official, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 whole days now. It’s been one of the best weeks of my life.

Making the decision was hard, but I’m so glad I did.

So this week I learned the following things:

1. When I’m at home I don’t drink enough water. When I was at the j.o.b. I had my routine of getting into work, checking emails, getting shit sorted for the day, then I’d head to the kitchen and grab a coffee and my lemon water. I used a large water bottle and refilled it two sometimes three times a day. It was always right there whenever I needed it. Since my at home routine is different and not quite established, I noticed that hours would go before I had any (besides my initial lemon water first thing). Need to get that sorted STAT.

2. Eating at home is so freakin’ enjoyable. Enough can’t be said about the grossness of sharing the office microwave with it’s radioactive-glued-on-food and fish smell from whatever the hell concoction your colleague brought in for lunch 2 weeks ago. Not to mention the fact that you had to label everything or it would get used or thrown out, or the fact that at my last job they got rid of metal cutlery and replaced it with plastic. How the fuck am I supposed to cut a lemon with a plastic knife! (And I do realize the reason they did this was because of all the lazy assholes who leave their dishes for someone else to clean). It was so nice to be able to head into my kitchen and make whatever I wanted. I recorded a couple videos on it you can watch here.

3. Walking my kid to school is magic. One day the sun was positioned perfectly so that our shadows were in front of us. I was huge and my son commented on that. So I turned into a monster and the look on his face was of amazement, wonderment, and sheer joy. That is worth giving up a 6 figure salary alone.

4. That furnishing an office how I want it is so extremely fulfilling. I’m not finished yet, but I have a desk, lamp, printer, chair and filing cabinet. I’m not in a cubicle, I have as much or as little natural light as I want. Pure blissdom.

5. That I was born for this. Resistance is something that can keep us stuck forever, and it certainly did that for me. I am extremely grateful for my courage and conviction and the support of my husband, coaches, and my mastermind community of strong, confident women where there is nothing but support, encouragement and love every day. And you know what? I cultivated that.

Are you an at home entrepreneur? Or do you work from home as part of your corporate job? I want to hear more about what you appreciate about working from home in the comments below!


I also did a periscope about it – check it out here: 

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