Cabernet and Kale Episode 008: Special Guest: Donnie DeSanti


Listen and lean in while Donnie DeSanti, Health Coach and I jam about elimination diets and why adding more foods into your diet will actually help you lose weight so that you can live your life more in balance.

How the lost art of dining in and family dinners has lead us to falling for diets that make you count calories, avoid fat and require harsh restriction and elimination and what you can do to break that cycle.

Resources and Links Mentioned
The Dorito Effect: The Effect
The Blue Zones Book: Find the Book
Healthy at 100 Book: Healthy at 100

Our Guest Expert: Donnie DeSanti
Donnie Desanti | Krisha YoungDonnie is a health & wellness coach teaching people to lose weight and regain their energy naturally so they never diet again ever. Before coaching he battled ADHD and medication before making changes in his diet and lifestyle. He has successfully been medication free for over 20 years. He also witnessed his mother go through a similar struggle clearing her breast cancer through holistic methods. She is now cancer free for 19 years. It has become his passion to help others rescue back their health and enjoy life to their fullest potential. Learn more about taking back your own health by connecting with him in his Facebook Group

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