Turn your Sabotages into your Superpower – the most EPIC series on Human Design and the Centres.

The 9 ways we sabotage ourselves and how we can turn it around and create profit from our potential.

In Human Design, after we’ve mastered Strategy & Authority, we look at our “centers”. This is the part of our chart that has all the squares, triangles and the diamond bit in the middle. 

Centers can be looked at as if they’re chakras. They’re not, but it’s the closest thing to compare and give you context.

When they are coloured in it means they are “defined” and thus we have consistent access to the energy in that center. 

When they are white, or “open”, this is where a lot of our self-sabotaging behaviour comes in, so in this series we are going to cover all nine centers and I’m going to show you how you can turn them into your SUPERPOWER so you can use this in your marketing, when you’re communicating with others, when in any kind of conflict and when in any kind of love.

The Ascended Woman knows just how she knocks herself out of the game and exactly what to do to get back on track and in flow again. This series will help you do just that!

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