Up next is the G (Identity) Centre – This is one of the most challenging centres to have open. It’s all about seeking love and seeking direction.

If you have this open, you can get easily lost in seeking love, seeking direction and this can mean always looking outside yourself for people to help you, or looking constantly for the love of your life, or to belong to a group of people. I have this centre open…it’s been a doozy!

You can also be really uncertain who you truly are, and what your role is either in society at large or in a company – even if it’s your own. I often get lost in “what’s my job again” in my own business, especially now that I have a team!


One thing to note that is quite critical is that people with open G have a hard time if they’re in the wrong environment. This means either the city/town you live in, the house you live in, or simply just a restaurant, cafe or someone’s house. If you are somewhere and things are just not working out the way you feel they should, ask yourself – do I love where I live? If the answer is no, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to move. It’s no joke – I struggled with this and found real shifts in my business and life once I let go of the locations (and people) who were not right for me. If a person or place does not feel right to me, I leave immediately because otherwise the experience will just be comically bad – like restaurants for example, everything will be wrong, from my order to not having the one thing I want on the menu.

So…how can we turn this into our superpowers?

First – what are the superpowers of the G Centre?

With this centre open, you have the ability to know the TRUTH of the other person. People with open G make GREAT coaches, mentors, advisors because we can SEE/SENSE your truth and direction. This is my superpower – it’s how I know like I know when someone is not being honest with themselves and why I’m able to get people to their truth very quickly, and hence on their right path. Open G can give you a sense of the other person’s identity, to the point where you may take on their personna. Their accents, mannerisms, gestures etc. Kinda cool while travelling! But just be careful not to get lost in it.


When in a healthy state, you remain open to moving in many directions in life and to being guided by those around you. 

You’re always tuned in to your comfort level with the environment which tells you if you are moving in the right direction. 

Recognize that you are a mirror for the identity of others. 

Comfortable with not knowing who you are (identity-wise).

At peace with no ‘fixed’ sense of direction, identity and love. 


Open G Gates (gates are the numbers you see inside the centre) are really cool – you are able to either DIRECT others or bring others to LOVE. 


I have Gate 15 and Gate 46 activated in my design, and with my Open G, I’m able to take in the identity and truth of others and help direct them to their version of balance (Gate 15 is about extremes), and I’m able to help people embody the new sense of self they’re calling into their lives (Gate 46 is about Love of the Body).


Turning it into your superpower takes the following steps:


First, slow things down in your life – if you’re not already doing so, start to either meditate or just take 5 Minute Silent Chambers throughout your day where you are not troubled by anything or anyone and you have a chance to allow the running thoughts to die down a bit. 


Then you can start to become aware of where you might be in the unhealthy G state.


Things you might say to yourself:

Who am I? 

Where should I go to find out who I am? 

Who can show me? 

Who am I going to love? 

Who is going to love me? How do I find them? Where can I find them? 

What am I going to do with my life? 

Do I feel lost? 

Let’s go here because we might find something that will show me who I am or what to do with my life (or the love of my life).


Journal questions to ask yourself:

Am I looking for love? 

Am I confused about my role and looking for the purpose and direction of my life? 

Am I trying to find out who I am? 

Have I taken on the identity of a mentor, lover, friend and “lost myself” in any way?


Journal on the above questions, and start to observe what comes up for you – do you feel a sense of not knowing what to do or where to go next? Do you want to learn how to trust yourself more? This is where having a support network would be critical for you. A good friend, coach, mentor or therapist. Someone who will not let you fall back into old patterns and who will keep you accountable would be best – as I mentioned, this is a challenging centre to have open, especially if you grew up in an unhealthy environment.


Once you start to notice all the areas this pattern is playing out in your life you can start to make positive change and let go of the things that no longer feel good to you so you can bring in the stuff that is healthy and in alignment.


Profit Potential – using this as a spidey sense in any kind of sales or marketing situation means that you can help people find their direction or love. You can help guide them into self empowerment, loving their body, balancing out their extremes, taking better care of the planet, self-love, their vision in life, direction. You can really sense their truth, who they are and guide them towards their truth! 


One thing to note – you may have some of these patterns even if yours is “defined” (coloured in). It’s because you’re likely not following your strategy & authority so you exacerbate the fears within you (or fears of others). Whatever you learn about your design, always remember your strategy & authority.


Thanks for taking the tour around the G Centre! Up next – Sacral Centre & Your Battery Power (or not!)