Up next is the Emotional Solar Plexus Centre – here is one of my favourite Centres.

If you have this open, you will be very empathetic. You can FEEL what others around you are feeling. You have a mosaic of information to tap into from others around you. Because of this you might avoid confrontation – handling the emotions of others can seem really hard and heavy sometimes, so it’s easier to avoid it all together. You’ll likely feel pretty neutral when you’re by yourself.

So…how can we turn this into our superpowers?


First – what are the superpowers of the Solar Plexus?

You are emotionally stable (yes! You are! If you clear out everyone else’s emotions, you’ll find you’re actually quite neutral). You have so much empathy. You can move in and out of other people’s emotional waves without identifying with them.


The Solar Plexus has many gates that can create fear around things like intimacy, being stuck in traditional roles (such as a parent / wife / husband etc), fear of rejection from the tribe, fear of silence – not being heard or not having anything good to listen to, fear of not having anything to be passionate about, fear of lacking passion in your life, fear of being sexually inadequate, and fear of what may or may not happen. All of these fears are emotionally driven so they might come with tears or laughter, melancholy, even depression or some other emotion compared to the fears of the spleen which will be more scarcity-type fears and likely appear in your body in the chest region.


Turning it into your superpower takes the following steps:


First, slow things down in your life – if you’re not already doing so, start to either meditate or just take 5 Minute Silent Chambers throughout your day where you are not troubled by anything or anyone and you have a chance to allow the running thoughts to die down a bit. 


Then you can start to become aware of where you might be in the unhealthy splenic state.


Things you might say to yourself:

I can’t deal with this person / place. Too emotional.

I’m not gonna say anything because I don’t want to upset that person.

Let’s soften how we speak so that we don’t invite confrontation.

I’m gonna be neutral, nice and pleasant so that they like me.

I’m not gonna go to that thing because I don’t want to be rejected. 


Journal questions to ask yourself:

Are you avoiding confrontation & truth?

Are you nervous, anxious, touchy?

Are you uncertain of how to feel about a certain situation?

What am I avoiding looking at / confronting in my life/business right now? How can I invoke a loving conversation/exit strategy?


Journal on the above questions, and start to observe what comes up for you – is there something you really need to confront but aren’t sure how to? Are you unsure how to not get caught up in other people’s crap? This is where having a support network would be critical for you. A good friend, coach, mentor or therapist. Someone who will not let you fall back into old patterns and who will keep you accountable would be best – setting boundaries like this can be challenging, so be sure you’re supported! Same goes if you’re drowning in other people’s crap!


Once you start to notice all the areas this pattern is playing out in your life you can start to make positive change and let go of the things that no longer feel good to you so you can bring in the stuff that is healthy and in alignment.


Profit Potential – using this as a spidey sense in any kind of sales or marketing situation means that you can get a sense of whether or not the person you’re about to do business with is emotionally stable or not.  With this centre open, you have the ability to know how to deeply tap into the feelings of the people in your life, your clients etc. You have ten different ways to describe/feel joy, anger, happiness, sadness. Someone who is defined here only experiences THEIR emotions, not anyone else’s. I think this is one of the best open centres to have, especially in marketing! You can infuse your sales copy with inspiring, feeling words that really get to the heart of how your customer is feeling. 


One thing to note – you may have some of these patterns even if yours is “defined” (coloured in). It’s because you’re likely not following your strategy & authority so you exacerbate the fears within you (or fears of others). Whatever you learn about your design, always remember your strategy & authority.


Thanks for taking the tour around the Solar Plexus Centre! Up next – The Ajna and Thinking you “just don’t get things.”