Up next is the Ajna Centre – here is where we are constantly trying to figure things out, trying to prove we are certain, or worse – right.

If you have this open, you can get into a trap of trying to convince people you know what they’re saying, or what you’re talking about when the reality is you have no clue. You might struggle with feeling stupid or not fast enough, of getting confused easily. You might try to convince yourself or others that you ARE smart, damn it! You might be overly opinionated on crap you know nothing about. You may be defensive in your concepts (it HAS to be this way) or you use your mind to make decisions from (using pro/con lists to DECIDE).

So…how can we turn this into our superpowers?

First – what are the superpowers of the Ajna?

With this centre healthy and open, you have the ability to take in information like a sponge. You’re able to process many different concepts and ideas and not get stuck on one or another. You don’t care if you look or sound smart, you just enjoy thinking and processing and figuring things out but don’t have any attachment to it.

Turning it into your superpower takes the following steps:

First, slow things down in your life – if you’re not already doing so, start to either meditate or just take 5 Minute Silent Chambers throughout your day where you are not troubled by anything or anyone and you have a chance to allow the running thoughts to die down a bit. 

Then you can start to become aware of where you might be in the unhealthy splenic state.

Things you might say to yourself:

I gotta figure this out, I better figure this out or I’ll look stupid.

I have to know the answers.

I need order to rid myself of the chaos (including overthinking, rushing thoughts)

I’m certain / I’m right that ____

I need to memorize all of this.

I have no freakin clue what is going on but I’m gonna pretend I do…then google the shit out of it later.


Journal questions to ask yourself:

Am I too rigid in my beliefs? Are they serving me or do I just need to be right because I can’t stand being wrong?

Am I pretending I know what people are talking about when I really have no clue?

Are these concepts I know and understand serving my highest purpose anymore?

How can I let go of needing to be right?

Can I be brave and ask for clarity when I’m uncertain?

Can I be brave and tell people I need to check my notes, or refer to a source so that I can give the best information to them?


Journal on the above questions, and start to observe what comes up for you – do you struggle with thoughts of being “stupid” or not smart enough compared to your peers? This is where having a support network would be critical for you. A good friend, coach, mentor or therapist. Someone who will not let you fall back into old patterns and who will keep you accountable would be best .


Once you start to notice all the areas this pattern is playing out in your life you can start to make positive change and let go of the things that no longer feel good to you so you can bring in the stuff that is healthy and in alignment.


Profit Potential – using this as a spidey sense in any kind of sales or marketing situation means that you can get a sense of whether or not the person you’re about to do business with knows their shit or not. Likely if you are feeling uncertain around someone, it’s because THEY are not certain of what they’re talking about! Don’t turn that on yourself and allow the self-talk to run your life. Stop, ask yourself – does this person know what they’re talking about? And start asking them questions to get more clarity. Sometimes people struggle with getting what they think out of their mouths, by you picking up on the uncertainty, you can help them better formulate what they want to say so that everyone feels heard and understands what’s being discussed. You can help deliver certainty to your customers by speaking to what you actually ARE certain about – your passion, your personal results, your experiences.


One thing to note – you may have some of these patterns even if yours is “defined” (coloured in). It’s because you’re likely not following your strategy & authority so you exacerbate the fears within you (or fears of others). Whatever you learn about your design, always remember your strategy & authority.


Thanks for taking the tour around the Ajna Centre! Up next – The Identity (G) Centre and What’s Your Direction in Life and Love?