Up next is the Root Centre – a pressure centre that keeps us in a hurry to get shit done.


If you have this open, you can feel impatient, and in a hurry to be rid of the pressure to do. Speeding, hurrying something you’re enjoying (like reading, or sex), being impatient are all sabotages of the undefined root centre. Hurries endlessly and forever, damaging their physical health – adrenal issues can come from here. Takes on the stress of others. You can be very impatient.


So…how can we turn this into our superpowers?

First – what are the superpowers of the Root?

With this centre open, you have the ability to know how to not rush to make a decision, you can use this pressure to your advantage by recognizing it for what it is…external pressure. 


Turning it into your superpower takes the following steps:


First, slow things down in your life – if you’re not already doing so, start to either meditate or just take 5 Minute Silent Chambers throughout your day where you are not troubled by anything or anyone and you have a chance to allow the running thoughts to die down a bit. 


Then you can start to become aware of where you might be in the unhealthy splenic state.


Things you might say to yourself:

What am I going to do to make my life better? 

Where is my purpose? I have to achieve something in my life. 

I better hurry up and get this done. 

I have to start something new now. 


Journal questions to ask yourself:


How can I get past this limitation? 

What am I going to focus on? I need something to focus on. 

I need to be needed. Who needs me? Where can I go to be needed? 

Where is my passion? What am I passionate about? 

I feel like a new experience. I have to hurry up and initiate a new experience. 

I don’t want to waste any time. I have to get this done.


Journal on the above questions, and start to observe what comes up for you – are you always rushed or impatient? This is where having a support network would be critical for you. A good friend, coach, mentor or therapist. Someone who will not let you fall back into old patterns and who will keep you accountable would be best.


Once you start to notice all the areas this pattern is playing out in your life you can start to make positive change and let go of the things that no longer feel good to you so you can bring in the stuff that is healthy and in alignment.


Profit Potential – using this as a spidey sense in any kind of sales or marketing situation means that you can get a sense of whether or not the person you’re about to do business with is rooted, calm and centered. You can turn this to your advantage by allowing the crazy pressure of others to just flow through you without acting on it. Use the pressure to your advantage but don’t get caught up in the drama of it.


One thing to note – you may have some of these patterns even if yours is “defined” (coloured in). It’s because you’re likely not following your strategy & authority so you exacerbate the fears within you (or fears of others). Whatever you learn about your design, always remember your strategy & authority.


Thanks for taking the tour around the Root Centre! Up next – The Emotional Solar Plexus – Empathy and Avoidance