As intelligent humans, business owners and career focused people we can often get caught up in what the “experts” tell us is right without ever giving it a deeper understanding if it’s correct for us, our purpose and path. There is so much information coming at us all the time it’s hard to know what to do, especially when starting out or when needing to scale & grow. 

Human Design also helps you to apply what you already know about leveraging Law of Attraction / Universal Laws to your repertoire. If you’ve been “manifesting” your dream career and life yet things keep falling flat, it’s likely because you’re missing your Design element – I know that was true for me and for my clients! 

I’d be doing all the “right things” in both business strategy AND manifesting yet things were inconsistent and really hard – I kept thinking “It should be easier than this!!” but wasn’t clear on how.

I was also struggling with certain personality traits, inner resistance, shiny object syndrome,  and fears that no matter what I did, I could not figure out how to change it! I kept making myself “wrong” for not being more successful, more focused, less emotional, less scattered.

When Human Design came on the scene I finally realized why I was struggling and how to leverage it all to create a life and business that was fully aligned and helped me stand out in the marketplace in the sea of bazillion coaches supporting people just like you.

It enabled me to deepen my inner knowing and self-trust and intuition which makes me feel like a powerful badass leader.

Knowing the best way for me to attract, to sell & communicate, to make decisions, and understanding my profit potentials and profit leaks has shifted everything, and I wish the same for you!

In this article I’m going to teach you the top three things you need to know about Human Design…remember, this system is not one that you’ll “get” in one go. It can take years to really integrate the information, and the BEST way for you to understand it is to ACT it. Experiment with your Type, Strategy and Authority and watch as your life starts to unfold in a whole new way. 

The top 3 things you need to understand about your design is your:




These three pieces form the foundation of Human Design, and it’s critical to understand what these mean for you before diving deeper into what all the rest of it means (such as: What does the red and black mean? Why are some boxes white and others coloured? What do the numbers mean? What are all those symbols?).

Your Type is what I call Your Success Style – since we’re all professionals here, we want success, right? And guess what? You have your own style that once you follow it, you’ll find life starts to unlock for you. 

Your Type is listed as either: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector or Reflector.

Each type has its own way of attracting, selling, networking, and BE-ing in the world – if you’re struggling, it’s likely because you’re not following your Strategy properly.

Your Strategy is your specific Type’s way of being. For example, if you’re a Generator, you’re here to work and love the work you do. And your Strategy is to ‘wait to respond’. If you’re a Projector, you’re here to Advise, and your Strategy is to ‘wait for the invitation’.

Your Authority is what I call Your Decision Making Matrix – people have a hard time knowing how to make decisions because they’re worried about what others will think, or they just don’t know how to listen or trust themselves, they are going after what they THINK they want, but usually end up in a bit of a mess.

There are 4 Types and Strategies in Human Design.

This is your overall personality type and the energy you project out into the world.

Generators & Manifesting Generators




I go into more detail in this free video series for you here that you can grab anytime. 

Generators are here to LOVE the work we do (I’m a pure Generator), we have Sacral power and can go on and on, and we are designed to FLOW with life. Every Type needs to learn how to trust and have faith but Generators are here to respond to what shows up. Generators love questions so have your people ask you questions so that you can start to tap into your Sacral power. As a Generator your strategy is to “wait to respond” for what shows up in your life. If you are always initiating and “making it happen” by forcing life, you’ll find yourself becoming super frustrated. What I do is if I feel that resistance when I’m getting impatient when things just aren’t happening fast enough for me, I remind myself – it’s meant to be easy, flow and I’m not here to initiate, I’m here to respond. So I take a breath, wait it out (not very long) and BOOM the problem gets solved and it gets solved even better than I imagined it would. I explain this in more detail in my free video series.

Manifesting Generators fall under the Generator category and you guys are crazy cool. You have the ability to GO FAST when the timing and your gut is all systems go. You can handle multiple projects or businesses – just don’t get caught flinging off too many projects without first making sure you have the energy to carry it out. Satisfaction (like after a really good orgasm or meal) is the feeling Generators are after in your life. 

Manifestors are here to make an impact and then go back into your own world. In, out. That’s the MO of a Manifestor. You guys are so powerful but be careful of the anger inside you. If you feel angry check in and see – are you working too much? Are you working too many hours and not having enough you/alone time? Next time you feel you need a break, inform those of you who will be impacted. Don’t ask for permission, just inform – that’s your personal strategy. The more you stand up for your own energy source and space from others all the time, the more peaceful you’ll feel! Peace is the signpost you’re in alignment. Your strategy is to “inform” those around you who you will impact with your decisions.

Projectors are so amazing with people. I love watching my projector clients talk about their clients, or talk to people in general – they’re so open and deeply caring and attentive to the other person. When you are invited to share your gifts and talents you are the most listened to person in the room. Don’t push your opinions on people, (SO HARD – I know) take a back seat, shine your light and demonstrate your deep skills and talents in a natural, non-salesy way, and you’ll find yourself attracting business like crazy. Just don’t get too attached to a person, or you’ll end up bitter and resentful. Success is your signature and you will feel satisfied the most when you help others succeed. Projectors need to “wait for the invitation” and this can seem really off putting and it takes the “creation” of your life out of your hands in a way. But if you try to initiate you WILL meet resistance from the people you’re trying to initiate. They won’t hear you, they will resent you trying to force your opinion on them and it will just end up in a pile of poop. By doing as I said by demonstrating your talents, you will find yourself getting invited left, right and centre! Just trust!! 

Reflectors are the barometer of our society. Such a small part of society, only 1percent, and strangely enough, even though you have every centre open, you’re less likely to be conditioned than the rest of us. You’ve gotta wait out a lunar cycle through before making a decision and it’s because you actually become every single type throughout the month because of when the planets are in transit they will activate different gates within you and create channels and definition so you get to experience what it’s like to be a generator, a projector and a manifestor. By waiting out the 28 days you get to experience all different types of decision-making skills and finally make yours. When life is flowing for you, you’ll feel a sense of surprise, awe and wonder with all that’s around you.

Of course, as humans, we are able to experience all of these types of emotions (peace, satisfaction, anger, frustration etc) but your type will experience one more than the other more often. For example, as a Generator I experience frustration way more than anger, although I do get angry and bitter. And I also experience peace, surprise, and success but it’s when I’m satisfied that I know I am in complete flow and alignment. It just feels right.


Type (Success Style)

Strategy (Success Strategy)

Potential Authority (Decision Making Matrix)

Theme & Signature (Wealth Theme)

Aura (Magnetic Force)

Generator & Manifesting Generator

Wait to Respond





Open, enveloping, magnetic, attractive


Inform before acting.




Repelling, isolated, intense, ON or OFF.


Wait to be invited/wait for the invitation





Probing and penetrating, very concentrated on the other person


Wait 28 days ( a full moon cycle)

Lunar Cycle



Resilient, sampling (like taste testing the energies of others)


Authority is how you best make decisions.

The most common Authorities are Sacral, Emotional and Splenic, although there are 6 in total. Each of these Authorities is a sensation in your body that once you start to slow down and pay attention, you realize it’s always been there. 

For example, Generators with Sacral authority will recognize that they say uh-huh or uh-uh and make similar sounds including hmmmmm when communicating. That’s how we are tapping into our deep intuitive, decision making tool. When someone asks you something next time, pause for a moment and listen to the sounds coming out of you. Sacral Sessions with a qualified professional can really help you to tone your Sacral power.


Emotional Authority is a doozy to navigate and to explain, but I’ll do my best. I have emotional authority, and for me what it means is that my emotions decide for me. I can go on emotional roller coasters in any given week – one minute I’m up, the next I’m down. And when I’m completely out of alignment, the downs are BAD. When it comes to decisions, I cannot healthily make a decision in the moment. I have to feel it out over 24 hours or more. I might have enthusiasm right in the moment, but then the next day be like “no way”. If you have Emotional Authority, I would experiment with asking for time to make your decisions, slow yourself down and see how much better your understanding or response or questions get over time. I have found this to be one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox these days!


Splenic authority is one of instinct, so it’s fast. It’s Yes or No. If you have Splenic authority you likely already understand the quick response your gut has. You can trust that – as long as you attracted the thing you’re deciding on using your strategy, you can trust your authority to decide. If you’ve found you’ve made snap decisions and regretted it, it’s likely because you were not meant to say yes to it, but your mind overrode your intuition.


If you have any of the other Authorities, or you’d like to learn more, I highly recommend booking a session with a pro to help you understand more, or you can grab The Definitive Book of Human Design – the authority on the subject – if you’d like to deepen your knowledge. 

Still confused?

It can take awhile before you fully “get” what all of this means, that’s why I created a series of FREE videos over here to help you to understand it a bit better. The best way to understand your design is to start living it, experimenting with the things you get a sense are true for you and going from there. 

It’s not a quick tool that will answer all your life’s questions in one go, however if you can start experimenting with just your strategy and authority in your day to day life, you can start to “see” how when you roll through life as your type, things get easier.

However, like any personal development journey, in order for you to really get to the juice of it, you’ll need to examine your current belief systems, your habits, your mindset and decide whether or not the way you’re currently working and living is working for you, and if not, start with one area and begin to examine what is making you feel frustrated, angry, disappointed or bitter? What things in your life bring you satisfaction, peace, surprise or success? Start by taking an audit of each of those areas (according to your type – e.g. Generators, you look at where you feel frustrated and where you feel satisfied; Projectors, look at where you feel successful and where you feel bitter or resentful etc), and journal on how they are having an impact on your life and what you can do to improve it.

Working with a coach or guide can really help speed up this process for you, so if you’re interested in exploring your design at a deeper level  you can get my exclusive Back to You Bundle to become more in alignment, get clear and find out your truth, click here to schedule your session!