Tony Robbins Spits When He Talks

While watching I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix the other day I noticed something

Tony Robbins spits when he talks. 
This made me realize Tony is human. A wonderfully tall, and larger than life human, but a human nonetheless. 
You see while I was watching him I had so many a-ha moments on how I could better serve, how I could better help my clients both existing and to come. How I can have a business like Tony’s. A house like Tony’s. A team like Tony’s. 
And then it happened. 
Oh my god. I am nowhere near Tony’s level. I am nowhere near as talented, visible or tall!
He has cornered the market. He is special. He must have a gift I don’t. 
Then I remembered: Tony Robbins spits when he talks. He also poops, cries, eats, sleeps and does all the other human things I do. 
Tony had a troubled childhood. As did I. 
Tony said he created “that motherfucker”, meaning he took his troubled childhood and made something with it. He turned adversity into humanity and grace. 
What I realized I was doing is comparing someone else’s over there with my over here. 
Are you doing that with your body? Your health?
Whose body do you want? It’s ok to want that. Having a visual goal for where you want to be is a fast track to getting it. 
But let’s bring it back to reality for a moment here. If you want Jennifer Aniston’s body you have to do the work she does. She doesn’t skip her yoga she doesn’t stuff her face with burgers and fries every day. 
What are the daily habits of the people you admire? They didn’t get to where they are overnight. They worked their fucking asses off day in day out over and over again. When they “fell off the wagon” they didn’t say to themselves “oh well. I guess this isn’t for me!”  What if Tony gave up? What if he said fuck it, this is too hard. He would most definitely not be our guru because we would have no freakin clue who he is. 
When you fall off the imaginary wagon (and I say imaginary because it’s all in your mind) you haven’t failed. You humanized. So get back on the freakin thing and go again. And again. And again. 
When you compare your over here with their over there you’re doomed for failure. 
Instead, ask yourself what are the daily habits of hose people who are healthy and successful. 
Here are some of mine to get you started:
Now go and find yours and make them a habit. Then continue to layer. Before you know it you’ll have reached your goal. But ensure you are happy and grateful for where you are now or else you’ll miss the journey. 
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