To Woo or Not To Woo

Personal Post & naff all to do with nutrition.

But we don’t just eat. We love, feel and are.

I have a secret I have been keeping inside me for a very long time. This secret has been a part of me my whole life but it’s only now that I’m able to talk about it.

But first, I’ll talk about my experience today with Reiki Master Shelly. Holy smokes, she is the real deal. And I am so excited to announce that she’s on my team. If you purchase my 3 month package, you get her too.

I first met her at a nutrition conference a few months ago and did a short 10 minute session with her and in those 10 minutes she blew me away.

Today’s session was no different except that I was in her studio space, not surrounded by 250 delegates, and was able to totally relax and allow the session to happen.

I won’t go into detail because it’s private, but let’s just say she hit on every point perfectly.

And here’s the thing: in one session she helped me uncover yet another layer of my journey towards expressing my true self, and exposing my secret.

People who know me well probably won’t be surprised at this, but I’m kind of a little surprised.

In the last year I’ve been exposed to a lot of woo woo stuff. I had never even heard the term woo woo until a year ago and had no idea what it meant (Thanks once again Google!). So all of a sudden i find myself surrounded by people who were in this woo woo space, and I was like “Hmmmm, this feels kinda familiar. Kinda like “home”” Except I have no real concept of what home is so I still ignored it. The months passed and the people I associated with started giving me permission to be who I truly am. And when I told my coach my secret she was like “That’s amazing. You need to be true to that”.

So now I’m all about “the universe this and the universe that”, law of attraction, manifesting, reiki, chakras, energy work, crystals, smudging, money mindset, meditation, yoga (I was always about yoga), mixed with Snoop Dog, Ludacris, hip hop, saying “fuck” a lot and generally being a human 40-year old and all the cool stuff I’m learning and exposed to daily.

My Secret

For as far back as I can remember I would get strong feelings about things. Visions, but mostly feelings. I would just know things. I didn’t know how I knew but I did. But I suppressed it a lot. I distinctly remember in high school my friends asking me if their mom was coming home that night – i.e. should we keep partying or not. I thought for a second, said no she’s not coming, and away we went. That’s pretty freaky shit. I never thought of that until recently, and realized that my friends at that time knew something about me I didn’t know (I mean why would they specifically ask ME that question?).

I always knew too when my boyfriends were up to no good. I have very strong dreams when shit goes down in that department, so pretty much any guy I’ve dated has never gotten away with anything with me. I would ask and ask and ask until they confessed. But again, I never really put two and two together.

Then when I was in nutrition school and started working on my case studies I would get a strong feeling about my clients. I’d make a note, but never mention it. Then inevitably they would at some point in our session bring up or reveal whatever it was I wrote down. That kinda freaked me out. So again, I ignored it.

Now today, I am gradually accepting this and every part of myself. I’m finding that I’m actually quite interested in woo woo. I am intrigued by crystals, manifestation, law of attraction and am learning a lot about it. It’s powerful stuff. And because of this, I’m able to pass on deeper, more connected sessions to my clients. I’m not going to break out into chant or anything, but I can help them with tools and resources that will help them get over whatever their blocks are. However in terms of my level of woo woo, I’d say I’m at a ‘wo’ right now. Although, I am happy to say that I’m officially Level 1 Reiki certified!

And because of my intuition, I get strong feelings about my clients that helps me be prepared when they are ready to talk about whatever it is.

In my reiki session this evening I was given a hematite stone. It’s supposed to be grounding. I had to let go of it and ask Shelly to take it away during our session because the energy of that stone was so intense it was making my shoulder hurt. That freaked me out too.

The energy movement I felt in my session with her has taken me to a new realm in terms of recognizing my own power, my strong energy force and my very strong intuition. I now, this moment, know what it feels like to be grounded. I live very much in my head and always feel expansive and scattered. This grounding feeling is very heavy, but it is just that: grounding.

I have decided to no longer hide behind this part of me. And readers are either gonna like it or not. And if not, that’s fine. Not everyone is there in terms of being open to this kind of stuff. Heck, even I wasn’t really until a year ago.

So all of this is to say, if there is a voice inside you that has been dying to get out, start listening to it. Be still. Be quiet. See people who can help you uncover it. What happens is this intense feeling of calm. Of being.

So, here’s to being a little bit woo. I celebrate it in me, and in all of you.

Hit me up in the comments below; tell me your woo journey.

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