How to think your way to success

Part two of my decluttering series this January I’m talking about how we can declutter our body, mind and soul to life a full, sexy, juicy life. We started the series with food, and now we’re moving onto mindset.

Why mindset?

Because 90% of your success depends on how you think. Your state of mind plays a massive part in how well you achieve what you set out to achieve.

I can tell you to eat kale all day long…but if you have some deep rooted habits that stop you from doing so, it’s rather pointless! So we need to change your habits and your psychology first.

You may be surprised to hear that it actually takes between 80-250 days to retrain your brain / change habits – not the usual 21 days you usually hear (and this is why diets don’t work! they are short-sighted and not long enough to really invoke change).

Why is this? Because when you’re looking at changing the really deep beliefs and psychology that has you repeating the same patterns over and over again, these are so deeply rooted in your psychology and subconscious that there is a process required for you to really make the changes you so desperately want to make.

For example, let’s look at “getting healthier”. A lot of people have the desire to lose weight and get healthier. A lot of people, maybe even you, start on a Monday all ready to go, then as soon as Wednesday rolls around you’re stuffing your face with a donut or triple whipped mocha latte, missing the gym for the 3rd time that week, but you don’t know why. You start to feel depleted & disgusted that you couldn’t keep a promise to yourself.

Why does this happen? Because you have zero willpower and are weak? Nope. It’s because somewhere inside of you your beliefs are contrary to what you’re trying to achieve. You have hidden sabotages that take you out. Something triggers you to go back to your “bad habits”, but because you’re not aware of them, you feel like a failure instead.

It’s not your fault – you have faulty programming that needs a serious pattern interrupt to be able to shift this mindset so that you can finally make this change. But…it’s not a simple 21 day shift, it can take a little while, especially for the really deeply ingrained habits and thoughts. So be patient with yourself and keep reading for what else you need to do.

Your beliefs

The first little bit I would have you look at are your beliefs. What is it you are thinking over and over again about the area of your life you want to change? If you’re here, it’s likely you want to have a better life overall. Maybe lose weight, reverse or prevent disease, feel sexy, attract better things into your life. And all of those things are totally possible for you, but if your underlying belief is that you cannot do, be or have those things, achieving them will be much harder. Or, you will achieve them and then they’ll go away again (e.g. you lose weight then gain it back again).

The first thing I’ll have you do is download my free Mindset Declutter Kit where inside I take you through a Success Cycle exercise that will have you shifting any beliefs you have in an instant – setting you up for massive success.

Your rituals

What are your daily rituals towards having a success mindset? If you’re like most people, you get up, grab coffee, shower, go to work, come home, eat, do stuff with the kids, then plop in front of netflix then to bed.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, unhappy, frumpy, and very unsatisfied. The opposite of sexy and juicy.

Nowhere in that list of activities is space for you to create success in your life. It’s not handed to us. The chances of you winning the lottery is very slim. Instead, it’s up to you to create the life you want.

Introducing mindest rituals to your daily routine, starting with as little as 5 minutes a day will make a HUGE difference towards you achieving your goals and dreams.

The fun part about this activity is that you can play roulette with it until you find the practice that you LOVE. Because unless you love it, you won’t stick with it. If you haven’t done so already, grab my Mindset Declutter Kit to find a list of FUN practices you can start doing today!

Your sabotages

Sabotage, blindspot, failures. Whatever word you want to use to describe this, if you don’t know why you stop doing things, you will never move forward. They are called blindspots for a reason – you don’t know what you don’t know. The best way to find out your own sabotages and blindspots is by working with a mentor or coach who can help you see what is causing you to sabotage your efforts over and over again. I can usually tell within 5 minutes of someone to someone what their sabotage is – they don’t call me the #sabotageslayer for nothing!

Awareness is the name of the game here, and opening yourself up to be vulnerable and to see what is really causing you to sabotage your efforts will free you from the endless cycle fo stop-start / succeed-fail. In the Mindset Declutter Kit I introduce you to some powerful awareness exercises that will help shine a flashlight for you so you can stop the cycle forever!

No matter where you are on your journey, remember that it begins with one step – all you need to do to move forward is to take one small bit of consistent action towards your dreams. One foot in front of the other is all it takes. Next thing you know, you’re flying high, creating massive success in every area of your life!

But for now, grab your Mindset Declutter Kit and get started!  
| Krisha Young

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