The weight shame game

Ok this is bullshit. I just watched 5 minutes of Entertainment Tonight and what was discussed is:

**Oprah’s weight loss
**A commercial with “overweight” women being cancelled by “the network”. Nobody knows why but “they” think it’s because the women are too big (they’re in bra and underwear exposing a lot of skin)
**an Instagrammer slamming the female star from the recent Star Wars for being too thin, stating she is setting unrealistic expectations and that “real women have curves”

This infuriates me because it is sending mixed messages. Be skinny! No, wait, Be Fat!, No, actually, be Oprah!

Fuck. That. Shit.

I was “skinny fat” for years, until I became fat-fat. But the whole time I was UNHEALTHY. Weight should not be the focus, health should. And just because a woman is skinny does not mean she is not a real fucking woman. It means genetically she has no curves to speak of! She still has a vagina for freaks sakes. 

We have to stop this madness right now. If you’re overweight and want to lose weight then just friggen do it. If you’re skinny and want to gain weight, then just do it. If you are feeling like shit all the time then do something about it. If you’re happy with your body, then leave it be – and encourage other women in your life to love their bodies too.

Stop shaming women. I feel there is a fight right now. The skinny bitches are slamming the fat bitches, and the fat bitches are slamming the skinny ones. STOP. We are all women, trying hard to make a difference in our lives, in the lives of our children, friends and families, we need to stop putting each other down because of our body size.

I don’t care if you are skinny or fat, I care if you are healthy. Thin does not mean healthy and fat does not mean unhealthy. 

Will you take a stand right now and advocate for HEALTHY women’s bodies? Tell me in the comments what about this pisses you off and what you will do about it. 


What people in my Facebook group are saying:

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