The Ultimate Act As If

So you’re sitting on the edge of a new life. You really want to change, you’ve read the books, listened to the webinars, done the diet thing, hired a personal trainer…all of it, but you know there’s one more push that needs to happen.

Besides hiring a coach to kick your ass, one powerful tool you can use is what I like to call The Ultimate Act As If.

My coach, Marla Mattenson, gave me this exercise, she had me write down all the things a coach who is highly successful does. You see, for me, building my business is my current goal. Being healthy is already part of my everyday life.

So I wrote a list, and here are some of the things I listed:

  • She doesn’t compare herself to anyone.
  • She has an unwavering belief in herself, and in what she delivers to her clients.
  • She sets boundaries and sticks to them.
  • She is fully present with her clients, and they know and feel this and want to forever work with her. 
  • She over delivers in every way. 

If you’re here, it’s likely you’re trying to lead a healthier life, think better thoughts, eat better food…

So, ask yourself, what does a healthy, vital person do every day?

Here are some things that I do to get you started:

  • Drink lemon water every day.
  • Purchase organic dairy, meat and produce as much as possible.
  • Take at least 5-10 minutes a day to meditate, be still, be in nature, simply be present.
  • Move my body in some way every day, anything from a 60-minute yoga class to 20 squats between client calls.
  • Stop to eat when I’m hungry / don’t get hangry.
  • Do not own a scale.
  • Dry skin brushing.

I encourage you to start your list, if where you are right now looks like this:

  • Feel addicted to sugar or carbs – always reaching for the sugary or carby snacks.
  • Pushes through feeling tired or generally feels exhausted but keeps going anyway.
  • Misses meals throughout the day – either because of lack of time, or you think it will help you lose weight.

Then pick one thing, let’s say it’s missing meals, and make a commitment to yourself that you will at least have breakfast every day (and I don’t care what breakfast is, so long as you’re eating something). Then next week, see where in the day you can add in 2-5 minutes of “relaxation” – whatever that looks like for you. Could be a short walk, staring at a candle flame, a guided meditation, reading something you enjoy – whatever, to help re-energize you and listen to your bod when it says “I’m so exhausted”.

Create your list of what a healthy, vibrant person looks like to you, what you need to do to make ti happen, then start doing those things.

How you live your life is a choice. Nobody has a gun to your head and the only thing standing in your way to success is your doubt and fear. Start building your confidence every day by adding in one small thing that takes you towards the lifestyle you desire.

One simple thing you can do right now is download my simple start guide on 7 ways to look younger, feel better and live healthier. By applying the pro tips within the guide you’ll be feeling amazing in  no time!

Grab it below:

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