The one thing that’s destroying your business


Meet my client, Heather. She’s a successful business woman, making over 6 figures a year, running a beautiful retreat centre with horses, and she coaches people on manifesting and living an abundant, authentic life.

Not the picture of 1980’s power suited hustle, go, go, go Melanie Griffith woman you would associate with high stress and anxiety.

Except that Heather is in adrenal fatigue.

Her symptoms showed up as:

  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Exhaustion
  • Unclear mind / foggy thinking
  • Overwhelm and anxiety
  • Waking at 3-4am every day
  • Never feeling rested
  • Irregular period, and then no period
  • Bloating
  • Unexplained weight gain

Her creativity has been affected, her emotions are at an all-time high and her business has been impacted. She hasn’t had the capacity to be able to get to the next level in her business. It’s impacted her income, her ability to serve and actually enjoy the business she’s built.

She’s a big believer in the healthy hustle but yet here she is, drained of all resources all from a little word we know oh so well: stress.

Heather wishes to have a different relationship with her career than the 9-5 grind she left corporate for. She values a healthy lifestyle, she enjoys life, she wants that feeling of ease and joy but instead she’s feeling stressed and daunted – this isn’t how she wanted to live her life or what she pictured.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who make 6 figures and above who want EASE in their lives. They want time for friends, family, travel. Their business should compliment their lives not hinder it. 

This isn’t about sacrifice, this is about alignment. Alignment with your true mission and vision, and alignment with what your body wants. Heather wants a sustainable business that lasts a long time and that nurtures her both financially and spiritually – but now that she’s in burnout, she has to make some major changes. She wants to get to a million without sacrificing her health. She wants to be able to have kids – and not having a period kinda puts a damper on that.

All the usual stuff like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation hasn’t worked for her. And not everyone has the time to dedicate hours on end to those practices – especially when you’re on the brink of breaking 6 figures. Building a successful business takes a lot of resources, both financially and physically.

So what can Heather do to bring herself back from this?

Stop skipping meals – one of the biggest issues my entrepreneur clients do is miss meals. It’s a really bad habit. You might be wondering what skipping meals (or not eating enough) has to do with stress. It basically boils down to the fact that you’re asking your body to perform tasks. These tasks require energy. Our brain uses up A LOT of energy, and it requires glucose to work. This is why when you are starved you reach for things like sugar – it’s the fastest way for you to fuel your brain. Anyhow, once you skip a meal, you send your body automatically into the fight-or-flight stress mode. So it’s as if you’ve put yourself in a stressful situation – it’s the same bio-chemical reactions that are happening as if you were just in a car accident. Except we don’t associate the two. If you’re already stressed out from building your business, you’re already releasing the chemical / hormonal stress cascade. Add in skipping meals and it’s like getting into a car accident every day on top. Burnout is at the next stop.

Investigate taking adaptogenic like ashwagandha, ginseng, and Rhodiola. These herbals help to regulate your adrenal system while you’re working on all the other lifestyle stuff to help bring yourself back to health. Check with your doctor or nutritionist first.

Re-evaluate your values, hire help, let go of control, build boundaries – a big part of being a successful business person is acting like one. If you’re the boss yet are allowing clients to cancel or you’re adjusting your schedule for theirs, or if you are resistant to hiring a VA, or you’re doing things every day you hate doing but think you have to, all these things need re-evaluating. Build your business NOW how you want it to look later. This takes so much stress off your plate because now you’re working from a place of authenticity and you invite ease and flow into the hustle. You get to have the success without the expense of everything else.

The bottom line here is that you can’t out-pill, out-run, or out-diet adrenal health. If you recognize any of these symptoms you must act now to reverse it. Once your adrenals go, the rest of the body follows. Issues with fertility, menopause, PMS will follow, including PCOS. Issues with your digestive system will follow. You may end up with hypothyroidism. This is a serious issue that deserves attention and there are far too many wonderful 6-figure entrepreneurs at the brink of burn-out – let’s get you back to health so you can reach the next level.

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