The importance of releasing emotions in a healthy way

I just got home from my walk this morning, after taking in the silence of the city, the clangy fearful energy in the grocery store and the overall vibration of 8 billion souls feeling a little lost right now.

I suddenly burst into tears. To release.
To release to release to release.
Suppression of emotion is one of the worst things we can do.
When we suppress we bury those feelings deep and they fester and turn into deep shadow parts of ourselves that we then spend our entire lives running from. Hoping one day we won’t be that thing we are afraid we really are.
When we release in healthy ways and for a healthy amount of time we turn the light on and the shadow goes away.
When we face the sadness, the loneliness and the uncertainty, and release the emotion that we are experiencing as a result, we can step forward into a cleaner, higher vibrational version of ourselves and become even stronger leaders.
If I didn’t release this sadness for the state of our planet it would fester and cone out as my inner victim. And my inner victim is my pattern that makes me do things that my higher self and my soul wish me not to do.
The non-release of emotion recreates the pattern in us that causes us to be in our small selves, to be in fear and to act out in ways that are harmful to us.
As we are souls having a human experience and we didn’t really get a handbook on how to be humans, let’s explore ways you can release emotion in a healthy way ~
  • If you feel sad and want to cry, do so. Do so in solitude. Don’t call your friends lamenting about this and that. Have your cry. Let it go allllll the way to sobbing and wailing if you need to. If you are new to this emotion and you’d feel more comfortable doing it with a person, choose someone who will be lovingly detached like a coach or a therapist or similar.
  • If you feel angry scream it out, beat some pillows, arrrrrgh all over the place – in private. Not to someone, unless, again, it’s a coach or therapist (or similar).
  • If you feel scared look at the fear head on. What’s making you scared? Can you converse with your inner little you and soothe and ask her what she’s really afraid of? Ask them to dialogue with you. Meditate. See what comes up.
I mention to do this in solitude (or with a professional) because it will help you to identify what is YOURS and what belongs to the collective. If you’re leaning on others to sort through these deeper emotions all the time you get mixed in with their energy, their feelings, their opinion of your emotion, the judgment you think they have or they actually have and so on. Having your initial release in solitude helps you to become stronger and sovereign.
In order for us to lead at this time we need to be very aware of our emotions and not run and hide from them, and likewise, not lash them out on everyone.
And remember:
Meditate. Mediate. Meditate.

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