The Boring Diet

After hurting my brain by doing some research on Keto, and all the other diet rages out there, I was inspired to create The Boring Diet.

I posted about it on social media and people gobbled it up!

Why? Because people like you are dying for sensible advice on how to get healthy and lose weight without the need for yet another diet.

You’re a foodie. You love food. Why in the name of anything would you want to deprive yourself of it? Simply because it’s all you’ve been taught to do. Eliminate, cut out, remove. That’s the name of the game.

Whether you’re new to my community or been here for awhile, it may be pretty obvious by now that I do not adhere to any of the gimmicky principles that exist out there today. Why? Because they simply do not work long term.

I may never be a ravishing success like Weight Watchers or any of the other thousands and thousands of gimmicky programs out there because I flat out refuse to sell you bullshit lies in order for you to get what you say you want.

So what is the Boring Diet? This is what I wrote on Facebook:

The Boring Diet.

No quick fix, no 10lb weight loss in the first 10 days. No extreme meal planning. No cool name. No strict program to follow. So boooorrrriiinnng.

Instead: eat food you love, in moderation. Lose weight permanently. Get healthy, not disease (seriously, how many diseases come out of the latest fad diets? Heart attacks, kidney issues, hypothyroidism!).

The Boring Diet promises you no disease, no loss than gain, no complicated meal plans, no shakes, pills or other bullshit.

It promises to take longer, results are slower (but permanent), health is a big side effect (oh my! I have energy for the first time ever.). And I know, aint nobody got time for that. We want it all and we want it NOW.

But. It’s Boring.

I’ve been on the Boring Diet for 5 years now and have lost 60lbs, I no longer have migraines, joint pain, brain fog or any of the other issues I used to have. I’m fitter and healthier and sexier at 41 than I was at 31. (yes, I know I look amazing for 41, thank you lemon water!)

So try it today! The Boring Diet. Your future self will thank you!

(PS – as a foodie, someone who LOVES to eat, I personally find the Boring diet the least boring thing, but that’s just me).

And then, to go into more detail, I posted this:


Someone asked me yesterday if I allow “cheat days” or follow any kind of commonly known dieting principles. I thought I’d share my response here too in case you were wondering what magic I used on myself and my clients for them to lose on average 15-30lbs in 6 months [I lost 60 in 1 year] (and keep it off):

I work off the principle of listening to your body and the cues it’s telling you (hunger / full etc), educating about how foods work in our bodies and the benefits of carbs, protein and fat, understanding your sabotages and your stop/start cycle (aka sabotages) with being on and off diets all the time.

I don’t believe in having a cheat day because it’s just another dieting mindset trick. I use zero tricks in my coaching because it’s not sustainable. What happens if you go to an event during the week and it’s not your “cheat day”? You end up either sneaking in the cheat anyway and feel like crap doing it, or you avoid it and feel like crap because you’re depriving yourself. Or you binge out like a mofo on your cheat day, feeling even worse for doing so.

Food should be a pleasure, not deprivation or stress.

So what I teach people how to do is switch their mindset around what it means to be healthy. For example, eat well 80% of the time and have your cheats 20% of the time, but also not to look at food as cheat or bad vs good. This 80/20 principle is applied every day, not 80% of your week/20% of your week.

So for example, a day may look like starting out with lemon water and coffee, a healthy breakfast of steel cut oats or eggs or whatever, lunch is burger and fries and salad, dinner is chicken, broccoli, sweet potato.

So you have the burger and fries in there but it’s sandwiched between healthy meals & snacks. This way you feel virtuous and satisfied at the same time. No depriving, no weighing or counting, no stress.

It works really well for foodies wanting to be healthier and especially once you start getting more of the healthy foods in you because your body stops having so many cravings because it’s getting what it needs.

This is the method that has worked for me and all my clients and is sustainable for life vs. a quick 21 day program.

However, this is mostly a shift in mindset from dieting to healthy lifestyle than it is about the food itself.

It’s never about the food anyway…it’s 99% of the time the mindset /emotion /habit around the food.

Everyone knows they need to eat “kale”…but not everyone does it…why not? That’s what I explore with people, and also teach them how they can shift their mindset & stop sabotaging themselves at every turn and instead truly succeed once and for all.

So, what do you think? You down for the Boring Diet? Do you think you can apply this principle? Would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Share your experiences with dieting and why you want to stop doing it once and for all.

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