Simple Swaps

Here are 5 simple swaps you can do to your diet for long-lasting change.



Swap your afternoon coffee for Matcha or green tea, DandyBlend or Teccinno, or even a delicious green juice or smoothie full of energy producing B Vitamins. Coffee increases your stress hormones, which in turn increase insulin. All of this has a cumulative effect on your body equalling no sleep, blood sugar imbalances and weight gain.


Swap white sugar, artificial sugars or agave for organic honey, pure maple syrup or coconut sugar or even fruit like dates, bananas and applesauce. Stevia can also work, however I don’t personally use it. Also watch for hidden (or quite obvious) sources of sugar, check out this list for all the names sugar goes by in packaged foods.


I see a lot of people with the more popular brands of yogurt but the ingredients are horrible. Soy, sugar, preservatives. And these are the yogurts touted to be healthy! Get yourself organic full-fat yogurt and add your own fruit or organic jam. Also, the probiotics found in these yogurts are minimal due to all the processing so I wouldn’t rely on yogurt as your source of probiotics.

White flour / white breads

There are amazing natural substitutions like almond, coconut, chickpea or brown rice flours. They don’t all substitute 1:1, especially coconut flour, but there are so many recipes out there it’s easy to google a healthier substitute for your fave. Not to mention all the hidden goodness inside these flours – fibre, Omega 3’s and protein! 

Other white foods like pasta, rice and potatoes

There are really neat new products on the market for pasta substitutions. Edamame pasta, sweet potato pasta, quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta…the list goes on! I like using Tinkyada for brown rice pasta. Brown rice has more fibre, and sweet potatoes are a favourite substitution everyone will love.


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