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Exclusive 30 Day Food and Lifestyle Program designed to get you eating healthier, and slaying stress. In only 30 days.


Struggling with the emotional side of food? Is food more like an enemy, an addiction, a shameful binge secret? This program is for you.

Tried meditating? Hated it? But you’re curious about it? This program is PERFECT for you! The ultimate beginners guide to meditation.

Get off the dieting yoyo, start losing weight naturally without having to weigh, measure or eliminate a thing. Wine and chocolate ARE included. (So is a 4-week meal plan, shopping lists and recipes, along with a where to start guide and tips on how to not fall off the wagon.

The Exclusive Lifestyle Reset Group Program designed for kick-ass women like you. I am combining powerful nutrition with lifestyle coaching to help you Get ready to boldly say Fuck Dieting and Fuck Burnout for good.
Starting Soon!

Bundle – buy all 4 for $160.00 – SAVINGS OF OVER $20 – that’s like getting one free!