Time to MAKE A DECISION and either leave your unhappy marriage (or relationship), or figure out how to make it work...really, deeply, gorgeously WORK?

To put an end to the torment and actually go for the life and love you so deeply desire?

I KNOW you've been on the fence for a long time, agonizing over this decision.

I also know the pros and cons lists...the surprise at how desolately lonely one can feel while in a relationship...the painful, drawn out feeling of hoping things will get better, even as you see they are you are working on yourself and seeing the gap between you getting wider, sadder.

Years are passing...and you do NOT want to look back in another year - or five, or ten! - and be in this same frustrating, painful situation. Just thinking about that makes you shudder.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for you!), I understand this scenario all too well. Because I have been there. I felt the crippling fear that kept me in a fog of indecision, for waaayyy too long it scared me into action.

What I learned and experienced since then has been nothing short of mind-blowing.


But first, does any of this sound familiar?

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    There is a thought loop in your head, running endlessly, and getting nowhere: you question your sanity and logic at times because there is no clarity (otherwise you would already have made a decision once and for all!)

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    You've tried everything - couples therapy, anyone? - but the same patterns keep playing out...

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    You hoped that just YOU changing would be enough...after all, somewhere in there is a good man, the man you fell in love with. Besides, so many women would LOVE to be in a relationship and can't find why can't you just be happy?

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    Well, for one because you are either having no sex, or only sex and nothing else: there is no connection anymore, no warmth, no joy.

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    Maybe you delay coming home as much as possible. You stay out longer, and when you get home you distract or numb yourself with food, wine, TV...whatever it takes just as long as you don't have to talk to him.

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    You know it's not working, and you are not acting on that knowing, which feels awful and incongruent. Can you really live the rest of your life like this?

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    You find yourself having fantasies about that guy at work...or perhaps you are sexting someone, or even having an affair out of desperation for connection, that alive feeling, and hope of finding the real you again.

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    The guilt and pain are causing you to get angry and snippy at the smallest of things, and you KNOW this is not your best self but you feel so resentful and justified that it's hard to see straight sometimes, let alone have the patience to be loving and kind.

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    You remind yourself to be grateful for what you have (ummm, happy people don't need to remind themselves to be grateful...they FEEL it, joyously, every day!)

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    You try to make a decision but the voices swimming in your head overwhelm your sense of reason...who are you to break up a family just because you want more? Hasn't he been there for you when you needed him? He's 'such a good guy!' What about the children? How could you be so selfish? (Whose voices and expectations are those, anyway...?)

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    You are afraid of being alone...maybe of having no resources...perhaps even of dying alone with a couple of cats as your only friends (do we all have this fear?)

This is no way to live.

I know from painful experience that every day that passes while you're in this situation is eroding your soul...and your self-esteem.

I also understand that it's the very depth of your pain and fear that keeps you paralyzed...instead of catalyzed into action.

My gentle invitation: Since this relationship isn't the loving, passionate, sexy, fun, ALL IN relationship you so deeply desire, isn't it time you allow yourself to move forward?

Here is some food for thought as you ponder that:

Remember the little girl you once were, who hoped (assumed) her grown up self would be living in a fairy tale?

Why didn't that happen?

Is such a blissfully happy life really possible?

The short answer to that last question is a resounding YES, and we know it's time for some good news!

And there is SO MUCH good news here. There is REAL magic here, and it's WAY better than in the fairy tales!

There IS a path out of the darkness, and I can light the way, and help you navigate the unknowns you have been afraid of. I will show you how to transcend patterns that have been running your life for years, making room for an absolute flood of love, joy, and passion.

No more depletion. Never again.

(If you are not quite ready, it's all honesty, it took me years to build up the special combination of courage, self-love, resentment and had-enough-ness to finally make the call.)

If you ARE ready, I CAN HELP. I am a master at this. It's what I do, and what I love.

Want to find out if this 1:1 package is for you?

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This is a program that insists upon deeper conversations. You cannot resolve this issue and get the clarity you seek from within the mentality and patterns that created it and maintains it.

This work with me will expand your awareness and take you OUT of the patterns so you can see them for what they really are.

My Commitment to You

I will deeply support you in coming to crystal clarity about what is best for you. From this highest truth, you can then choose to either:

End the relationship in full authenticity and love, so you can go after the life and relationship of your dreams

- OR -

Turn back towards your partner fully, in deepest alignment and feminine energy, and invite him to rekindle and create with you the relationship you desire

No more confusion. No more resentment.

FULL embodiment of the magnificent woman you are, whatever you decide.

One more conversation with your girlfriends over wine is NOT going to solve this, and you've waited long enough. Now it's time for you to decide...your joyous, ecstatic future self is waiting!


Already Know This is a Yes For You?

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Read on to discover some of the additional, built-in benefits you will enjoy:

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    Your choices going forward will come from your deepest knowing and self-love, so that you can live your truth fully and unapologetically.

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    You will dissolve and release all the anger and resentment you know isn't healthy for you.

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    As part of this process, you will discover and fan the flames of your natural feminine energy, and learn where you have been off-balance in your masculine and feminine energies (I dive deeply into this in my Ascended Woman: Feminine Rising program - think Goddess!)

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    Owning your true feminine essence and strength will change the game for you; whichever path you choose, you will be wide open to receiving and enjoying a loving, supportive, exciting and delicious partnership. You will never again have to settle in love.

If you end the relationship:

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    You will learn how to separate yourself from the opinions, fears and judgment of those around you who might not support your decision. I will help you nurture a sense of calm certainty as you navigate the process.

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    You will be supported in holding a space of love for your partner and any children involved in the process. The self-love and alignment you will feel is part of a new paradigm for divorcing couples, and as parents you will vastly enhance the love and security the children feel as they witness you becoming healthier and happier.

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    I will address re-entering the dating pool, helping you make a fresh start as your full aligned self, so you do not bring any of your old patterns with you. You will know your worth, so you are not tempted to settle for the next man that comes along; instead you can attract the glorious, fulfilling relationship you desire, with a partner who is a much better match!

I am holding a spot for the realm of joyous, deeply satisfied goddesses. It's time to make your choice.

Whats Included

  • Weekly 1:1 Calls

    This is where the magic happens inside our weekly 1:1 coaching calls. These calls happen online via Zoom so we can see each other face to face.

  • Personalized & Private Coaching

    This package is completely customized for YOU. It's private and confidential, it has a ton of added support so you are never without accountability. Tools will include Human Design, Kundalini & Tantra, Breathwork & Meditation, Inner Child, Somatic Therapies and much, much more.

  • Faster & Deeper Results

    The advantage of 1:1 coaching is that you will move through your material much quicker and deeper than doing it on your own or in a group.

  • Unlimited Voice Message & Email Support

    Get personalized voice messages from me where I share downloads and breakthroughs that are specific to you. You can ask me anything anytime something comes up...essentially you can have me as your coach at your fingertips!

Want to find out if this 1:1 package is for you?

Book in an Awakening Session (on Zoom) with me today to see if this is a good fit for us.

Availability is limited. I take on limited clients so I can truly, deeply serve each of them. Get started now by clicking the link below to book a call with me, and see if there is a good fit.

I can't wait to talk to you!

My Final Love Note To You

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    LOVE yourself so radically that it transforms your entire worldview

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    FEEL gorgeous from the inside out, and radiate effortless elegance

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    ADORE your beautiful body and know exactly what it wants and needs

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    Feel exquisitely comfortable in your own skin, and REVEL in your senses

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    DELIGHT yourself and your chosen lover/s with passion, connection and intimacy

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    Live in deep presence and FLOW, and watch MAGIC show up

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    Handle life's challenges with GRACE and confidence

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    Know and speak your TRUTH and desires unapologetically

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    Attract ideal opportunities, the passionate LOVE you deserve, and anything else you may wish to experience

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    Live with sparkling JOY every day, and wonder how you ever lived without it

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    Actually step into BEING the loving change you wish to see in the world

ALL of this is available to you, when you answer the beckoning of your heart and soul, unapologetically.

You’re going to feel seen, heard & understood inside this program.
From a place of deep wisdom and compassion, I aim to support women to go deep.

No B.S., no fluff, I tell it like it is, I cut through the crap and it can feel confronting and uncomfortable -- but I'll show you results.

You ready? I'm ready when you are!!

Let's see if this is a good fit.

There was something about Krisha, from the moment I met her, that drew me to her. She had an energy and passion for life that enthusiastically sprang from her whole being. Krisha’s ability to be raw, vulnerable and authentic, led me to sign up for her Feminine Rising course because I, too, desired to be unabashedly myself.

Krisha has a talent for having clients dig deep and uncover patterns of behaviour they don’t even realize they have. She is an advocate for self-love and helps women recognize that we are all unique beautiful Goddesses. There is no bullshit talk from Krisha nor will she allow you to bullshit talk yourself. She will question and call you on things knowing that further understanding leads to healing and change. The work you do with Krisha will be uncomfortable and hard but you will emerge feeling empowered, more confident and prepared to allow your true Goddess to shine.

Janet Fry
Feminine Rising Alumni

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