Meet Avril, she’s just like you –  a woman with a big mission and just as large a dose of self-doubt that’s been keeping her stuck for years. 20+ years in the financial services industry with years of success behind her, yet with a desire to branch off and do her own thing. Hear what she had to say about investing in herself:

What was life like before?

Before starting to work with Krisha, I was stuck. I’d wanted to leave my corporate job for a few years and have my own business but it was just a dream. I was afraid to change although that’s what I ‘said’ I wanted. Because…what if I failed? How would I manage without a steady paycheque? What would people think if I left a stable job? I was filled with self-doubt and it showed up in every area of my life.

I signed up with Krisha because I knew something had to change. If I didn’t take action, I’d be in the same place a year from now and I just couldn’t stand that thought. I took a big gulp and said ‘Hell yeah!’

Since working together- I have officially resigned my corporate job; have a business plan in place to do work I love and like to do and a long held dream to volunteer in a developing country is about to happen in Spring next year. My relationship with my husband and other family members is stronger and I’m now giving myself just as much love and compassion as I give to everyone else. I. Am. Enough. Please don’t misunderstand, this wasn’t easy, there are no unicorns! I had to show up and fight through procrastination, downright laziness, being uncomfortable and overwhelmed and all kinds of sabotage.

Krisha’s a badass and you should know that up front. She’s going to call you on your s@##t and challenge you to go deeper, but, in the most supportive and loving way, I’ve ever experienced. You have to be tired enough of the pain you’re in to do whatever it takes to create what you say you want. When you’re ready, Krisha’s support, honesty and fearless nature can help you get there.
Through working with Krisha, I’ve learned to celebrate my wins, regardless of how big or small.

I was scared and it felt uncomfortable to make this investment in myself, but it was worth it. I show up for myself and the people I love a happier and more confident woman and I think you deserve to feel that way too.

I recommend Krisha’s services to anyone who wants to take life to the next level, whether it’s in business, relationships, health or gaining more confidence to take action on their dreams.
You can learn more about Avril by clicking here.
Avril Y. Alleyne

Coach, Avril Y. Alleyne

Meet Claire, super talented and intelligent multi-preneur who came to me exhausted, burnt out, drinking a wee bit too much to cope, not sleeping, and afraid to speak what was on her mind. We got to work first on clearing the clutter of bad habits including going to bed way too late, drinking too much alcohol, and not eating enough and once she was sleeping and feeling physically better, we were able to get to the deeper work of what caused her to treat herself in that way in the first place. Claire has been such a joy to work with – witnessing her birth a brand new business and tap into creative parts of herself she buried a looooonnngg time ago because someone once told her that creativity didn’t belong in a business – has been awe inspiring!

Here’s her story:

What was life like for you before we started working together? 


One hot mess! I was in severe burnout, had no boundaries, adrenal and hormonal issues and was self-medicating with booze to get through the day. I was regularly working until the early hours (seeing sunrise from the wrong end was not uncommon), but not getting ‘enough’ done. I was unable to find my own voice and constantly at the mercy of other people’s wants, rather than my own. I probably would have missed the deadline for my own funeral at that point in time.


I was worried that it would be ‘too woo’ and the results not tangible for a hard-thinking, ROI driven, spreadsheet-loving business person who wore exhaustion and busyness as a badge of honour. Boy, was I wrong!


How has your life changed since working together? 


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – Krisha LITERALLY changed my life, and in ways I never expected. I am not the person I was when I first started working with her, and I NEVER want to be that person again. I thought she would help fix my burnout, and then we’d be done (and I’d be fixed), but she has taken me to places I never thought I’d go (like woo-places), uncovered hidden depths of meaning, skills, talent, and value that I never would have thought of.

Is the work easy? Hell no! Is it worth it? Hell YES! It isn’t a quick fix, and that’s the beauty of it – the work isn’t surface and impacts on EVERY aspect of your life. I’ll often go in to a session wanting to talk about one topic, and Krisha quickly gets to the crux of the matter in a way that I’ve never seen done before, but she uncovers the real issue quickly, then helps you solve it and move forward. She’s also like a little guiding angel in the back of your brain, helping you even when you’re not on a call!

I started out wanting to fix my health issues, but now Krisha is an integral part of my life and business, as a sounding board, teacher and guiding light helping me be a better, happier, more fulfilled person.


Imagine what you could do with your gifts if you had your own personal cheer squad, mentor and kick-ass coach by your side giving you the tools and encouragement to be a better you. The possibilities are endless. Cheesy I know, but it’s true.

Claire Quirke

COO for Entrepreneurs who want more

When I first hired Krisha I was a wreck. I was tired all the time, I had no energy, and my social anxiety was so bad it was just shy of paralyzing. I would force myself to crawl out of bed each morning, slap a smile on my face for work, and by 2:00 in the afternoon I would be ready to curl up in a ball and either cry or sleep. I was irritable, and stressed, and just generally unhappy. On top of all that I was constantly down on myself for not being able to stick with a diet and/or exercise regime, and so instead of shedding pounds I was adding them.

Enter Krisha.

Krisha has changed my world! Or I guess, she has helped me see that I can change my world. I have been working with Krisha for the past six months and sometimes I still can’t believe how far I have come. I have so much more energy than I did before – like so much more! And I am pretty excited about life these days

Krisha helped me sort out my eating patterns and get them back on track. But, more than that, she helped me to understand just how much what I was putting into my body impacted, not only my physical body, but also my mental and emotional states. I was eating foods, and perpetuating patterns, that fed my anxiety and stress. Taking care of myself was a distraction from all the other stuff I needed to do. Not so anymore! Working with Krisha, I have learned that taking care of myself should be a number one priority. As I started to practice this I found that the other things in my life weren’t so hard anymore. Stress is still there, but it is no longer overwhelming, anxiety is still there, but it is no longer all encompassing, pounds are still there, but not as many!

I am in the process of throwing off the cloak of my anxiety – letting myself, and the world, see just how amazing I am. Things that would have sent me into a panic of social anxiety, searching through my bag of excuses, are now things I look forward to. Like house-warming parties, role-playing games, and new opportunities at work. Krisha has helped me dig up and face my fears and feelings of inadequacy.

I am so grateful that Krisha became a part of my life, and for what she has helped me accomplish so far. If I can do it, anyone can! 


**Update – in 2018 Lisa packed up and moved to Europe to chase her dreams, she almost didn’t go because of all the negative opinions of her well-meaning but scared friends and family. We took the fear and used it as fuel for her to step up into her vision. Since arriving she’s landed a dream job and is happier than she’s been in…well…maybe ever! Congrats Lisa!! Love watching you live your Delicious Life!!!! <3 

Lisa Schulte

Here are some happy posts from other Delicious Life group clients!

(She)transformed my body, energy, and outlook…it (also) transformed my biz



Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.59.47 AM

Krisha Young is my GO TO girl with all things to do with health and feeling physically fantastic!

I worked with her and it not only transformed my body, energy, and outlook…it transformed my biz. Why? Because productivity went through the roof, ideas flourished and I had ENERGY and CLEAR THINKING!

Prior to working with Krisha I was a walking zombie, barely even functioning…relying on sugar, caffeine and wine to get me through.

Now I sleep well every night, have glowing gorgeous skin, guts that work like a smooth operation and (again) ENERGY!! Like clear, beautiful, bright, happy energy!!

The BEST part of working with Krisha is how real, genuine and KNOWLEDGEABLE she is. Anytime there was a bump in the road (aka bloating over kill!!) she helped me troubleshoot and figure it out until it was solved.

I still have personal fitness goals that I’m working on to ring in the big 4-O!
But I’ve attached my pic of my transformation while working with Krisha.
And I am still sugar and processed food free….5 months and counting!!

Investing in Krisha is an investment in your body, mind and soul which has a direct impact on your biz.

I am still sugar and processed food free….5 months and counting!!

Jennifer Scott

‘I dropped 22 pounds’

Before I worked with Krisha, I considered myself health aware but leaned on convenience to get through busy weeks.During our time together I quickly realized what health awareness I thought I could lean on, was information based on trumped up claims from big food business.  I made subtle shifts and changes and began to see results quickly.  Krisha held me accountable however did not make me feel guilty for any time I was not eating pristine 100% of the time.After we worked together my blood pressure went down, my digestion improved dramatically, my skin glowed and I dropped 22 pounds (even if weight loss wasn’t our focus).  I also added some yummy new additions to my pantry.If you are considering making this investment in yourself…stop waiting.  Your health is the foundation of everything in your life.  And the ‘side effects’ of the work you will do with Krisha need a warning for ‘may cause amazingness!’

‘may cause amazingness’

Delora Guigon

Mindsex Mentor

It was refreshing not to need a harsh cleanse to get me back on track.

Thank you Krisha for getting me back on track again! As I continue my nutrition and health journey on my own I am thankful for you advice, encouragement and support over the past 3 months. It was refreshing not to need a harsh cleanse to get me back on track. Thank you for showing me how to break the cleansing cycle. For anyone truly looking to make some changes in their personal habits that you will want to continue on through the rest of your life, don’t hesitate to work with Krisha. I am excited to carry on this journey with the new knowledge Krisha has shared with me. I look forward to helping my family make healthy changes as I lead them by example.

Andrea Carroll

So I have never been a yo-yo dieter. I just would have a sneaky slow steady gain. I still love my body and don’t mind healthy food. But I would rarely eat enough or pick the best foods all the time. My digestion was a mess and I was tired all the time. I decided not to buy into the diet industry hype and I hired a nutritionist. Since working with Krisha Young at Coconut Lime Nutrition, I am down 14 lbs (in about 6 weeks). I still have wine. There has been no extreme cleanse and I only temporarily cut out a few things to regulate my digestion. And I’m eating more. In fact I should be eating even more! So if you are tired all the time. No longer feeling the really curvy curves (my goal will always include my curves) and want a real solution…HIRE HER! – Delora Guignon
I’ve died and gone to food heaven. The land of FUCK Dieting. Krisha Young
Really. Do i have to even defend this? Images. Bombshell. Delicious saturated colors (what you should be eating) make you want to eat her up! This woman geeks out on nutrition so you can get healthy drinking wine, eating chocolate. Roll around naked with some kale? Yes, please. Seriously. She knows her stuff.

ATTENTION Ladies!!! I coached with Krisha Young and she is AMAZING! Starting with her post for people to say ‘fuck dieting’ I knew I liked her. But we began to talk and then we got right to the heart of things immediately about emotions, and choices. She was compassionate and kind, offering a plan, thoughtful discussion on ways to identify my triggers. THANK YOU Krisha!

Jamie Porter Gaunt

I absolutely love your authenticity. Thank you for being your awesome self. You are a life changer and I just wanted to tell you that.❤️


I have recently hired a Lifestyle Coach to help me because I never really focused on taking care of myself, especially with food. When people asked me about the joy of eating, I never understood. I ate to live. I ate because I had to. (except when pizza was involved)

I did not want to hire someone.
I wanted to just take a pill, drink a shake, or read a book like others have been able to do.
I was afraid of what she would have me eating (kale and celery all day)
I believed I did not need help and I could do it on my own
I thought I knew what I was doing wrong but hated the thought of eating kale ten times a day.

I finally gave in because of a breakdown and being challenged to take care of myself and because eating pizza hut three times a week might be abuse!
I’ve only been working with Krisha Young for 4 weeks but I am blown away at how much better I feel but I’m most surprised by the changes I see:

My skin is kind of glowing
My energy is improving
I am calm, like really calm, not all over the place
I am happy
I have no idea what the scale says because I don’t care but my clothes are a tad bit looser.
And I’m cooking and not hating it. We have only eaten out one time this week and that was a family choice to do so.
I’ve cooked a healthy breakfast and it’s delicious every day this week and we’ve had breakfast as a family.

The food is so good I actually look forward to eating.
I’ve tried more new foods in the last two weeks than all of the last two years.
The point is that I was about as far gone as you can be on the eating healthy spectrum and taking care of myself.

This is a slow marathon for me but the results are beginning to show and I get it. I finally understand why this is so important beyond simply health.

For the first time in my life I feel deliciously gorgeous and I have Krisha Young to thank for that.

Kendrick Shope

‘my digestive system feels awesome and is working like a mofo!’

My life before Krisha was one with a lot of abdominal discomfort, lots of gas (burp-athons, and fart-athons) yoyo dieting, unrealistic expectations, false ideas of food/eating, a sugar addiction and a preoccupation with my weight.
While working with Krisha, I was able to dispel some of the ideas I had about food/eating and get me to start putting certain food groups back into my life.She told me it was ok not to be working out like a mad woman (yay!!). Now I spend less time at the gym, and I don’t stress about it!
She got me taking vitamins which I have been avoiding for a while due to gag reflux, and now I hate missing them.
We added some very tasty fermented foods that I now can’t live without. I love my kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut!!! Love them!!!The biggest difference I think was when Krisha recommended that I do a candida cleanse. I felt so good after it and was so happy that I went through with it. I won’t lie, I was not happy about it because of all the restrictions but it was the best thing I could have ever done!!After working with Krisha, my digestive system feels awesome and is working like a mofo!!!! I am now maintaining a weight I am happy about and have incorporated so many new skills. I am drinking a green smoothie everyday and I love it!! Doesn’t even matter that a few of my concoctions are a bit funky tasting, I just focus on all the goodness I put into them that gets put into me!!! I am trying new recipes, and changing things up which has invigorated me! I ingest way less sugar and I don’t miss it!!This journey has been amazing and I love passing on this info to my family, friends and colleagues.Krisha was and continues to be very supportive throughout this journey. She does not stop until she gets the answers she wants to help you feel healthy and happy! She is very multidimensional and incorporates numerous facets of health to help you find the balance and peace you are looking for in your life.Thank you, thank you, thank you Krisha for being so dedicated to what you do and the passion you have for health and life. You are making a difference in many lives! Thank you making a difference in mine!
‘I ingest way less sugar and I don’t miss it!!’

Tania Pacini

‘Krisha has helped me to rediscover my passion for preparing my own food – which I really didn’t expect! – and this has helped enormously with my wellbeing’

I decided to have a session with Krisha Young after a couple of months of out-of-character mood swings. I wanted to look at every angle of my wellbeing and ensure everything was pristine in order to get to the root of why I was ricocheting between joy and misery!

In our hour-long session we analysed every part of my diet and Krisha made suggestions about how I could make small tweaks to what I was eating that would be of most benefit. There was no, “you can’t have this” nor “you should be eating that” but rather helpful suggestions for alternatives to what I was already eating (without being pushy, accusatory or holier-than-thou about it!) – such as healthier versions of bread and milk, and small additions of things here and there that would do wonders for my nutritional intake without the terrifying prospect of having to completely overhaul my diet.
‘Krisha has helped me to rediscover my passion for preparing my own food – which I really didn’t expect! – and this has helped enormously with my wellbeing’

During the session we identified that part of my self-care routine that I had in the past was cooking for myself but that for quite a while now I’ve been dining out a lot and that had taken away part of what’s important to me. Krisha has helped me to rediscover my passion for preparing my own food – which I really didn’t expect! – and this has helped enormously with my wellbeing. After two weeks I feel the combination of increasing the nutritional content of my diet AND the increase in self-care by starting to cook for myself again has been what’s helped me to stabilise my moods and improve my sense of wellbeing.

Lisa Cherry Beaumont

‘My Endocrinologist couldn’t believe how my blood sugar reading dropped dramatically in the course of 3 months! Never have I experienced that in the years I’ve had diabetes.’

I have known Krisha Young for a few years and have always been intrigued about her passion for food, life and nutrition. After consulting with her I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with it. Krisha did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier, organic foods into my diet. She taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living especially since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and have struggled with it for over 15 years now. My Endocrinologist couldn’t believe how my Hemoglobin A1C blood sugar reading dropped dramatically in the course of 3 months! Never have I experienced that in the years I’ve had diabetes. Through her guidance, I stopped thinking about how my auto immune disease was taking over my life, and have been able to control it and learned to change my life with holistic nutrition.

To me, Krisha is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication in her work. She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment makes her a very unique nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, thereby giving me, my wife and daughter the ability to quickly achieve and maintain our personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life.

‘Krisha did not restrict my eating habits’

Paulo Fillipe

I wanted to let everyone know that part of my ‘getting things in order’ has included hiring Krisha as my nutritionist. I can not say enough about how amazing this experience has been and what a remarkable, professional, and intuitive coach she is. She’s the REAL DEAL. And I can’t BELIEVE how good I am beginning to feel, and in someways how sick I actually was.
This lady knows her shite!! – Jennifer Scott
Krisha, thank you SOOOOO much for taking the time to chat with me today. I’ve learned so much from you today and I’m looking forward to living a new WHOLE & Organic life! – ZB
Thanks so much to Krisha Young who has taken me to a different lifestyle (and lost some weight) by tailoring my specific issues to a whole new diet.
(I) Have learned so much about how foods affect my body and mind. She gives excellent advice and keeps in touch to make sure that you stay on the straight and narrow! Do yourself a favour and get her to do your profile and let her change your life! Thanks for all your help! – Pat Spidle

Krisha, I just wanted to thank you for (an) enlightening session today, it’s always tough to hear the realities of one’s diet and how it can relate to health concerns. Your thoughts and detailed strategic suggestions are truly making me think of how I can limit/eliminate those vices of mine! Your insight is amazing and I look forward to our follow up session in a few weeks. Oh and also wanted to say I love your recipes and blog at!!! – Michelle Weir

With the advice I have received from Krisha Young I have changed my eating habits which has resulted with me having more energy and lost weight. I will continue to follow her suggestions of recipes and vitamin supplements.

Lawrence Davey