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If you want to:

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    Decrease objections

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    Increase conversions

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    Fine-tune your sales process

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    Maximize your revenue and ROI

Let’s Rejection-Proof your sales…

My approach is modern, and balanced between a very high dose of compassion and empathy, with strong boundaries to hold space for when a client says no or needs to be walked through their objections.

Integrity based selling requires a large degree of emotional intelligence and that’s why my work with you also includes helping you become more confident within yourself, see your value even more, and slay those Imposter Syndrome feelings that might come up for you!

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Past and current clients include:

Ashley Cox
Nice Guy Reform School

Leslie Urbas
Leslie Urbas

Erik Weingold
PPM Lawyers

Jessica Riverson
Jessica Riverson

Carolin Soldo
Carolin Soldo

Shari James
Shari James

Sales Mistakes

Slay Your Sales Sabotages! Are you making these 5 Sales Mistakes? In this program I show you how to increase your confidence and serve more clients!

Mindset Shifts

A large part of sales has to do with your own internal belief systems and sense of self-worth in your product or service - nobody really likes selling for themselves, it can feel braggy. Inside this program I will walk you through how to overcome imposter syndrome, the “I need to think about it” objection (and others), and how to feel better about selling your own services.

Sales Audit Program

If you’re an established entrepreneur who is amazing at your craft but struggle with sales, despite having more than enough leads coming in...then this is for you. Together you and I will look at your entire process from the initial touchpoint to post-sales call and I will review your recorded sales calls to suggest ways you can decrease objections, increase conversions, and maximize your revenue and ROI. My clients often go from a 10-20% conversion rate to 40% within 30 days. Ask me about the VIP option where I take the calls for you.



I’d love to introduce you to Ashley Cox, she came to me when she found out I loved doing sales calls and hired me on the spot to take her calls for her.

Over the course of our time together I helped her create a sales funnel that has us converting at around 80-100% with high ticket sales (very low end is $5k, high end is $50k).

Here’s what she has to say about our time together...

When I first met Krisha, the sales in my business were very up and down. Despite studying sales, having my calls reviewed, and getting on the phone with great prospects, my closure rate was atrocious. 

Once I brought Krisha on board, everything changed! She was extremely diligent during the onboarding process, she created SOPs, learned the ins and outs of each offering and suggested feedback as to how to make the sales process more efficient. 

Shortly after the onboarding process, she quickly began to close 100% of sales— changing the trajectory of my company. 

After every call, she gives me feedback on my marketing as well. 

If you need help with sales, you won’t find a more professional, easy to work with, smart salesperson with a better close rate! 

Ashley Cox

Prep Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

Increase your conversion rate and sell with ease using these 5 powerful pre-sales call practices.