The reason everyone fails at Whole 30

Considering Whole 30 again? I’m gonna be straight with you about why people fail and what you can do about it.

Programs like Whole 30, Weight Watchers and all the other diets have their place. I mean it’s not a 60 billion dollar industry for no reason. You just want to feel better! And you intuitively know that eating better will help you get there.

Let’s put this $60 billion into perspective…since there are 7 billion people on the planet, if every human being (including babies lol) were to go on a diet, they would pay $1000 NINE times.

108 million people in the States alone go on 4-5 diets PER YEAR.

whole30 | Krisha Young

So here’s the thing, almost every person who I’ve spoken to in my business has told me about wanting to nip bad habits, stay away from sugar and shed that pesky belly fat, so they tried programs like Whole30 but they often found it was really hard to stay on track.

But there was another issue that they admitted was the real problem (more on that later).

Of course, a plan like Whole30 will help you feel more energized and to lose that stubborn belly fat  – but here’s the problem…food isn’t the *real* issue.

And I know what you may be thinking:

“What the hell are you talking about Krisha? I know I just need to get back on track with my eating and I’ll be fine. I always feel better when I eat better.”

Yes! This is SO TRUE!!!


Diets open the door, but it’s what you THINK about all of this that is the key to sticking to this long term.

This other issue I mentioned before is that, according to the recent survey I did, 48% of you admitted that you are in your own way when it comes to staying on track.

See that image above? That image shows what most people think about diets – one giant mousetrap. But the thing she wanted most?

“A trick that’s less deadly to stay on track”.

Did you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

That’s doing Whole 30 over, and over, and over, and over.

But then something happens to sabotage your efforts. Maybe it’s a stressful day, or you’re too exhausted to make that recipe, or you ran out of time, or simply life gets in the way.

So that amazing beautiful meal plan and all that organic food ends up kinda going to waste.

It reminds me of my client Steph. In most areas of her life she had it together, on the outside she seemed happy, healthy, but inside she was a mess. She was over-stressed, exhausted, couldn’t sleep, she was gaining weight, and just felt like crap every day.

When Steph first came to me, she was stuck in this pattern of really wanting to feel better so she would determine every night before bed that tomorrow would be better, she had the healthy diet plans and the gym membership – what more could she need except willpower to stick to it.

But then…

“Today was so busy,” Steph rushed out of the house, and had non-stop meetings all day, she didn’t get a chance to eat until 7:00 pm! And by then she was STARVING so she just grabbed a pizza on the way home.

She thought: “I’ll do better tomorrow – I just need more willpower.

(Tomorrow) – “Oh crap! I woke up late cause I’m just so freakin’ exhausted these days, I don’t have time for breakfast, I’ll just grab a Starbucks on the way to work. At least the kids are taken care of, I’ll just grab something out.”

(by noon) – “I seriously have no willpower. I am craving carbs like crazy right now, but I can’t – I’m on a diet that doesn’t allow carbs so I have to avoid them, I need to be good. But I am so freakin’ hungry and exhausted right now. OK, just one small piece of bread, that won’t kill me.”

(by 3pm) – “I really need some coffee. And chocolate. Jeez, I am such a failure, look at me, I started Whole 30 and haven’t even had a single recipe yet. OK, tomorrow will be better.”

(The following day) – “OMG I totally forgot I had an early morning meeting – shit, OK, I’ll grab a Starbucks on the way…”

And so on. All of this is what I call Self-Sabotage. It’s not usually intentional, but it’s definitely there for most people and this is where the problem lies – it’s not a “trick” you need, it’s a fresh new way of motivating yourself to STAY ON TRACK and nip the bad habits for good.

Can you relate to Steph? Maybe in some way you are Steph?

There is a solution to this…

All this “lack of willpower” affects how you feel about yourself, you feel like a failure and that you may as well just give up.

According to a recent survey I just released, I found out that 45% percent of you judge yourself on a daily basis. That’s HUGE.

Before you decide to go and do another “diet” again, I would actually rather you take a whole new, fresh perspective on this…what I like to call the Delicious Way of Life.

Delicious Living is all about making this a new lifestyle for you, not a trick or quick fix. It’s about figuring out how you can fit in simple healthier habits when the reality is you’re just plain busy.

It’s about becoming aware of what stops you from staying on track once and for all.

It’s about finally Slaying your Sabotages once and for all.

But I’m here to give you hope, and a reality check.

You don’t need more willpower.

You just need to change your perspective.

One from “diets” to “lifestyle”.

So please go ahead and find yourself a meal plan or program you like but remember that we’re looking for a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Find ways you can make this easier for yourself. Let yourself off the hook when you “fall off the wagon” and just get back on it the next day, or even the next hour. By becoming aware of the things that cause you to “fall off the wagon” you can start to plan for that and address that directly instead of doing another diet.

If this is the year you finally make the changes, then this subtle yet powerful perspective shift will change everything for you.

THIS is how you find a painless way of staying on track.

Remember, you are just one small perspective shift away from living your most Delicious Life!

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