Ready to Close the Final Chapter in 2016?

Here’s to 2017! Can you believe it’s already 2017?  Me neither!  Let’s finish off the year with a big bang and wrap up 2016 with that best of what we shared.


The Best from July – December 2016

Here’s what the second part of 2016 looked like:

July 2016 was a Month of getting real and raw
If you are struggling or have struggled with emotional eating you’ll want to dive into July’s bundle of articles.
Are You Really an Emotional Eater?
Dorito Chard Chips
Healthy, Wealthy & Gorgeous

August 2016 Self care, self care, and more self-care 
If you’ve been feeling a bit burnt out or maybe you’ve been looking for ways to incorporate a more “gentle” approach to detoxing then August has you covered.
Tony Robbins Spits When He Talks
5 Ways You Can Detox Every Day
Why no “you time” is killing you
If I Don’t, Who Will?

September we focused on personal change and awareness
Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m on a diet”?  If so you’ll want to read or re-read, “Why diet isn’t a four letter word.” 
Why diet isn’t a four letter word
How often do you sharpen your saw?
Stop Being an Idiot

October 2016 was the Month of support
We talked about body language and what your body might be telling you and I shared with you a little love note from me to you.
Silent Signs Your Body Is In Trouble
You Are Not Alone

November was the Month of self-care
In November we went deep into why we struggle to practice self-love.  I busted some meditation myths and supported our male audience, as it was MOVEMBER.
Why is it so difficult to love ourselves?
Meditation Myths Busted

Erectile Dysfunction – Men, listen up!

In December we talked about The Boring Diet and in fact when I posted about it on social media and people gobbled it up!
Why? Because people like you are dying for sensible advice on how to get healthy and lose weight without the need for yet another diet.  So what is the Boring Diet? This is what I wrote on Facebook:

You can read about it here.

I hope you’re gearing up for another amazing year – 2017!

I’d love it if you added a comment below to let me know what your biggest wins and losses were for 2016. Share what you’ve learned and what you’d like to achieve in 2017! 


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