Welcome to The Dirt and the Divine

The sexiest spiritual podcast out there ~ where we say what needs to be said.


We discuss all topics surrounding consciousness, love, personal responsibility, growth, values, sex and sexuality, living in your purpose, speaking your truth and living life out loud, in full alignment, soul truth, joy and pure inner peace.

In addition, it’s a spiritual dive into the shadow ~ the parts of us we hide from others because of shame or guilt. This podcast will discuss all things related to how spirituality* is a powerful path towards healing your shadow self.

The episodes will be real and raw, with real-life examples of how living a disconnected life can cause all sorts of confusion and upset, and how that once you decide to live in alignment and follow your soul’s truth, you feel joyful and happier as a result.

Episodes will focus on my personal stories (juicy stuff!), conversations with amazing people who have gone through their own dirt and found the divine, and coaching sessions with live clients to demonstrate this work in action.

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*when I say spirituality I’m not referring only to common religion, I’m speaking to spirituality in general, no matter what the source is – God, Universe, Goddess, Kundalini, Koran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita etc…it all belongs in this conversation. ❤️

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Issues arise when you don't look closely enough at the dirt, or the divine. We can't ignore the dirt - or we stay stuck in old stories, and ignore that the pain is even there. When we ignore the divine, we don't allow for the full expression of our joy.