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On Family Day here in Ontario, February 16th, I found out that my mother has pancreatic cancer. 

Devastated. The prognosis isn’t good, the treatment options aren’t that great either. She is eligible for surgery but it’s such a risky procedure and the recovery time is so long that it’s quite off-putting to the person facing it. Chemo and radiation are also not appealing.

She’s been given 6 months to 1 year to live.

I’m still clearly in shock, very upset and dumbfounded. And I will probably delete this blog post in a few months – it will just be too painful to come across it in my archives.

The day after I found out I decided to change my life. I had been sitting on a decision to work out of a clinic for the better part of a month; full of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

After hearing the news from my mother it galvanized me into making a decision. I decided to just go for it because it will bring me closer to my dreams. And getting closer to my dreams is what will make me much happier and feeling more in tuned with who I am.

It also made me realize that if I died tomorrow, I would have wasted an awful lot of time worrying. So I signed the contract the next day. I made some other decisions around my business and my family that will continue to drive us towards the life we want.

I also decided to heal my heart and my relationship with my mom which wasn’t very good. I applied Hoʻoponopono and saw energy healers to help me along this journey. We haven’t had the closest relationship, and I’m not ready to talk about it here yet, but suffice it to say, some healing needed to be done on both our parts.

My mother is clearly going to go through a lot of things over the next few months, and I’m glad that she has me and my sister and other friends and family members to help her through this journey of hers. I will respect whatever decision she makes in terms of her health care and treatment plans.

It’s made me very grateful that I know what I know about nutrition, lifestyle and diet so that I can help educate others about how to NOT get this disease in the first place.

I want to talk about the kind of things you can do to help yourself so that you do not succumb to this horrific disease, so have written a separate blog post about that which you can find here: Cancer Prevention

Please send your warm energy and well wishes to my mom, I’m sure this is going to be a hard journey for her. She lives 4000 kilometers from me, so it’s going to be tough for me to visit and comfort her as much as I’d like to, but thankfully we can speak daily on the phone, and that I’ve been able to let go of the past so that I can look forward to a future with her, whatever that looks like.

I would love to hear from you, your stories, your pain, your triumphs where this disease is concerned. Please feel free to comment below.

With love


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