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Struggling with sleep?

Today is National Sleep day, and I wanted to share with you some tips that are a little bit different than what you may have heard out there.

There are a lot of best practices when it comes to sleep, yet so many are still chasing the elusive dragon. Taking ages to fall asleep, or worse – waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to fall back asleep.

While there are some very valid physiological and psychological reasons this could be happening, there’s also one more thing to consider – and that’s what your Human Design has to say about sleep!

It’s very important to look at any physiological or psychological reason for your sleep issues, however, I invite you to also consider that your Human Design type can have an impact on how you’re meant to invite in a better sleep.

First of all, if you have no clue what I’m talking about when I say Human Design, I suggest you go here and get your “chart done”.

At first this will make ZERO sense to you if you’re new to it. Don’t worry, all we need to know right now is what your TYPE is.

You’ll see on your chart one of these words:


Manifesting Generator




When you find that word, this is a key piece of the puzzle that will help with so many things in your life, from how you’re meant to work, to how you’re meant to make decisions and even your life’s purpose – but for now we’re just focusing on sleep.

If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you need to ensure you are fully and completely exhausted when you drop into bed.

Not bad exhausted, but good exhausted. (If you’re feeling bad exhausted, we should talk – this is not healthy and it tells me something is very off in your life!).

Generators, by their namesake, have a TON of generating energy, and if it’s not being used either physically, or mentally on something that lights you up, you’ll have a ton of pent up energy when you go to bed and you’ll struggle falling asleep.

If you remember to deplete your battery every day doing things you love, you’ll likely start to notice a shift in your sleep patterns.

Manifesting Generators should go to bed just before you’re fully exhausted and run out your battery while in bed by reading, journalling, having sex, and even watching TV – but ONLY IF THIS DOESN’T mess you up more. If you feel that television helps you to fall asleep, or even social media and it’s NOT impacting your sleep, then go for it. The most important thing here to note is that you need to do what’s best for YOU when it comes to sleep, so while everyone (myself included) is telling you not to have devices, television etc in your bedroom because it disrupts your sleep, if you’re a manifesting generator, this might not be true for you. Experiment and see what works!

If you’re a Projector, Manifestor, or Reflectors you do not need to exhaust yourself out like Generators and MG’s do. In fact, you’re actually “borrowing” your battery power from those around you, so you really need some total silence and solitude before going to bed to release all that pent up borrowed energy, you can read or watch some tv for a little bit to chill out, but do not go to bed exhausted – allow yourself some alone time to shake off your day, to get back to yourself, to release everyone else’s energy (I bet you feel you carry around the energy of a lot of people!). Allow yourself some time at the end of the day to rest into that, on your own, and go to bed before you’re full out exhausted.

My eldest son is a Projector and he will naturally hide himself under a blanket and watch YouTube, or chill on his special chair and watch a favourite show before “retiring” to bed. My younger son is a Manifestor and he will generally naturally go and play cars or draw by himself before announcing he’s going to bed and demanding I read him a story. 😉 Our children teach us so much! They intuitively know what to do to support their well being!

As a Generator, I am usually working right up to the point of exhaustion, when I can’t think anymore, and I know when to stop. I am very good at listening to my body and shut everything down and either netflix and chill or go straight to bed. This works very well for me, and the only times my sleep is disrupted is if I’m woken up somehow, or if I have way more of my own energy floating around my body than I had a chance to release that day.

My client, Claire, is a Manifesting Generator, and here’s what she has to say –

I have learned that as a Manifesting Generator, I need to pretty much exhaust myself in a relaxed state before I can actually sleep. This is why I either read, watch/listen to docos or listen to audiobooks as I go to bed and get a great sleep. If I follow conventional advice of no screens or stimulation before bed or when in bed (which I have tried many times), I’m up all night with my brain whirring like an overclocked PC!!

So if sleep has been elusive, and you’ve tried all the things – it can’t hurt to experiment with this. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you might find that it’s the holy grail you’ve been searching for all along!

Hit reply to let me know your sleep challenges, and if you try sleeping for your type, how that worked out for you!

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