Need to boost your sex life? Eat these 5 things.

I wanna sex you up! (click here and play this while reading this article).

Let’s talk about all the foods that can help you be a rock star in the bedroom. Cause let’s face it, we all secretly want to be porn stars. No? Is that just me??? Oops. TMI TMI!

Yeah, yeah – we know that there are lots of things that get in the way – stress, emotional/physical trauma, poor diet, the pill, being in an unsatisfying or hurtful relationship, small children, lack of sleep, etc…let’s save those issues for the consulting couch. For now, we can have a little bit of fun exploring some foods that might help rev your engine.

fat – gasp! not that dirty word. Well, this is a post about sex, so we can get down and dirty here. Fat from fish like salmon, black cod (butterfish/sablefish – worth the price! so tasty!!), flax seeds (grind them), hemp, nuts, seeds, avocado. Go on, eat them, slather them all over your body. Whatever, I don’t judge. But pictures on insta would be welcome! Fat helps with blood circulation which helps with orgasms, it also helps nourish your brain which in turn puts you in a better mood so that you WANT to have sex in the first place.

zinc – think “zinc for the dink’; but also good for women. It increases testosterone by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. A handful of pumpkin seeds are a good way to start, beef (try grass fed) is also high in this mineral. (Psst – as an aside, zinc is also good for men to help prevent prostate cancer, and it’s great for the immune system).

saffron – cheaper than a prescription for Viagra, but still on the pricey side, a new study at the university of guelph has found libido enhancing effects when using this spice. Oh la la. They also tested panax ginseng and got the same result. Pair saffron with rice dishes, almonds, anise, cauliflower, chicken, lamb, nutmeg, lemon, orange, potato, rhubarb, shellfish, and white fish.

maca – oooh baby. I really notice an increase in my libido when I use maca. Studies have shown that taking 3 grams of maca can help boost libido. It’s also an excellent adaptogenic, and energy enhancer – and believe me, you’re gonna need energy to keep up with all those new positions you’re trying out.

l-arginine – say whaaat? it’s an amino acid that helps rev up blood supply in the body; it too is known as nature’s viagara in the way it opens blood vessels. Read: better orgasms! Find it in oatmeal, watermelon and pine nuts.

So go on, make yourself a pumpkin seed-avocado-watermelon-maca-oatmeal-saffron smoothie. Then go have sex.


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