Satyam ~ The Ultimate Truth

I am Krisha Young, and I am here to serve you in your evolution into the highest version of yourself you can imagine…and beyond.

I am not here to play small, or for shallow conversations. I am a world changer, and I am utterly devoted to my own evolution. For those who are ready, I hold powerful space for transformation. It is my life’s purpose to shorten the learning curve – the living curve – for people who wish to heal their pain, step into their greatness, and live their destiny.

Much of what is happening in our world today is dysfunctional, and I’m here to call BS on the patterns and stories that are crippling and stifling us, and release the magic and potential we all hold within. It’s high time we stop living small lives, wasting time in indecision, and remaining stuck in circumstances that cause us misery and do not serve us. 

Please see below for more on my personal story and values, and click on the below video to learn more about me.

My life’s work is both a testament to the woman I have become, and an offer to the world of what is truly possible for each of us. My choices have not been easy, and neither will yours be. In both cases, it is my passionate belief that stepping into full personal sovereignty is always worthwhile. There is so much magnificence available to each of us, when we step into our truth and learn who we really are.


About My Work

I am Guide and Mentor, and I am available for speaking and coaching opportunities for individuals and teams ready for fundamental change.

Areas of Expertise: 

 Pinpointing and Ending Self-Sabotaging Behavior: No matter how successful we are, we all have ways of blocking ourselves from getting what we really want. It may show up as procrastination, or people-pleasing, or a variety of other sneaky behaviors. I am an expert in helping people slay their sabotages – especially the ones they’ve been blind to – so they can fully step into their greatness at all levels.

Accelerated Personal Transformation: I offer profoundly impactful Mentorship Programs for those who are truly ready. I work in deep dive mode only, and working with me is an intense, highly effective fast track to the life you have been trying to get to but have not been able to figure out how. 

 Human Design: Explore your deeply personal Design and discover WHY you do what you do and who you were born to be, before all the conditioning.

Business Development: As an entrepreneur myself, I love helping others build, scale and step into their greatness within their businesses and careers. My clients are all High Performing professionals from CEO’s, to doctors and lawyers, to start-up’s, Financial, MLM. 

Because we are each devoted to our own evolution, our respective skills and journeys create a synergy that is very powerful for clients, and for this planet. We insist on deeper conversations, more courageous inner work, and MORE JOY as a result. Always.

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(FACT: You cannot solve anything from the same level of consciousness in which it was created. From the world you are currently in, only so much change is possible, no matter how hard you work, or try. STOP TRYING HARDER. ONLY an expanded level of consciousness will allow for exponential, positive change….so you will never live in those patterns again. Your new awareness will force you to let go of everything you are not, and catapult you into everything you say you want, so be ready for a wild ride.)

Once you know there is a better option, it is a choice to spend another minute being miserable and unhappy. 

Shorten the learning curve of your personal evolution and discover WHO you really are, what you are here for, and how to BE that.


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Truth/Integrity ~ I stand for truth in all areas. What this means is I stand for YOUR truth, it’s my superpower to know when you are lying to yourself, and with firm yet loving guidance, I am very good at helping you acknowledge the truth within you so that you can live life on your terms. I am also constantly checking whether or not I’m in integrity. Am I saying yes when I should be saying no? Am I telling a white lie to not hurt someone’s feelings? Am I BEING what I say? When we lie to ourselves in this way and act out of integrity of our truth and desires it creates a lot of internal (and external) chaos. Living a lie, whether it’s staying in a career or relationship way past its expiry date, or denying your own needs to not hurt someone else’s feelings, is a recipe for deep unhappiness, stress, overwhelm, and a deeply unconscious way of life. I stand strong for you to live an ALIVE LIFE, and life is found in truth and integrity.

Growth/Expansion ~ A major reason for the breakdown of my past relationships is because I was the only one growing. I grow at a VERY fast pace. It’s a non-negotiable for me. I used to compromise on this, entering partnerships, jobs, opportunities that I could see from the start that were stagnant, or that wouldn’t be able to “keep up” with me, but for the sake of “not being alone” or “helping others” I would slow down my own growth in order to support the other person. This patterned behavior, conditioned by having an alcoholic mother I constantly cared for as a child, followed me my whole life until my 40’s when I woke the fuck up and said NO MORE. I OWN the fact that I am all about growth and expansion. I enter into relationships warning people that I will not slow down for them ~ I simply cannot. My purpose on this planet is to help others to grow and expand (and be in their truth and integrity), and so I MUST do this myself or I will fail at my “job”. That may sound dramatic, but I take my job as a mentor, guide, coach very seriously because this is YOUR LIFE I am helping you step into. If I’m not doing the same for myself, how can I possibly serve someone of your caliber do the same? (See…here is integrity again!) As mentioned above, what this means for you is that when we start to work together, I will continue to evolve so you will be on the receiving end of depth charged, high caliber, cutting edge growth-oriented practices and tools and I will hold you accountable to the highest standard for yourself. Do not inquire about working with me unless you are TRULY READY to change.

Love/Sex/Sensuality ~ I LOVE sex. Once again, because of trauma experienced as a child, I suppressed my sexual side for many years. I got married twice to “nice guys” who were “safe” who I did NOT want to have sex with (I know…). I spent many years ashamed of my sexual desires and my sexuality – I am a deeply loving and sensual woman – and it nearly killed me. I’m not joking when I say that. My soul was on life support when I was leaving my second husband. I had no life force, no vitality, I was depressed, unhappy and terrified I would die never having sex again. When I finally got the real, deep courage to leave a relationship that on the outside looked great (with two young boys in tow), everything changed for me. It was like the lights got turned on. Within ONE DAY I attracted an ideal sexual partner for me and was able to totally and completely embody the Goddess Aphrodite ~ I am Aphrodite (or Venus as the Romans call her). What this means for you is that I will stand for YOUR sensuality, your self-love, your relationships with yourself first and foremost, and with others in your life, helping you become discerning and unapologetic about what you want from the bedroom to the boardroom. This energy helps you make more money, helps you be a better parent if you have children, helps you LOVE your body and nourish yourself deeply both with food, and movement and of course sex. If you have trauma around sexual experiences I am not a qualified therapist to help you in that, so I suggest you get external help there, however, I can and do support women OWN their sensuality, their sexuality and unleash pure LOVE and excitement in their lives whether they’re in a relationship or not. This is the way of Goddess Consciousness and a large part of how I am here to serve in this lifetime. 

Devotion ~ The biggest thing missing for me as I navigated this world was a connection to my higher self. I always FELT there was more to living than the worries and stresses of modern-day life. I always looked around at my life as a child with a question on my face saying “Is this all there is?”. Witnessing my mother drink herself into a stupor every day caused me to really question ~ there HAS to be more available for us. And so this query began a life-long search for meaning, search for why are we here, search for what’s the reason for this and that. Ultimately these questions led me to spirituality in the wider sense. I do not follow one diety, one religion (any religion), or dogma. Instead, I have learned (and continue to learn) all there is about how to connect with the universe, each other, and our higher selves (soul). I am a student of life, of spirituality, of yoga, of meditation, of Human Design, of Buddhism, of God, of Goddess Consciousness, of quantum physics, of 5D Consciousness…and bring a synthesized and worldly view on all the practices involved into helping others sink into their higher selves. I am devoted to my growth, to your growth, to the health of humanity, to supporting both men and women balance out their masculine and feminine energies, and personal responsibility.

Ultimately, our commitment is to serve so deeply that the only result, when a client is as invested as we are, is complete transformation. 

I now invite you to join us, and offer the permission you do not need but may have been unconsciously waiting for, to explore your own heart’s truth and create (and allow yourself to receive!) a life you absolutely love, in every moment.

IF you are ready to join us, you will gain access to an ever-expanding world of tools and resources as we share what has worked for us in the realms of relationship, business and finances, parenting, nurturing and giving our highest gifts, and more. 

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“Krisha serves at a very high level, with people who are open to their unlimited human potential and want to have their lives to mean something spectacular. She speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of coaching and investing in her own expansion, and her gift will do nothing less than blow your mind. Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have global impact. She will support you in your expansion, through the challenges of growth to the joys of feeling fully alive when your consciousness shifts and expands.” ~ Shauna Arthurs