Motivation (or lack of)


I find it very hard to find the motivation to work out. Probably 99% of the population is the same, right? Today I brought in my gym stuff to work with the intention of going at lunch. But instead, I went for a little walk, grabbed food and am now writing about the fact that I did not workout. The worst part is I know how important keeping fit is. Cardio increases your stamina by increasing the amount of mitochondria in your muscle cells, and weight training helps to keep you toned, strong and to lose weight. Not to mention the endorphins released that make you happy! I am totally fine once I get to the gym, I enjoy my workout and don’t want to leave. I just lack the gumption to walk to the gym, get changed, and workout.

In my own defence, it kinda sucks working out in the middle of the work day, I have to shower, reapply makeup, fix my unruly hair etc; and with a toddler and baby at home, it’s very difficult to workout in the morning or after work.

In addition to working out, here are some other things I lack motivation for:

  • Doing the dishes (Hi Dishwasher. I love you)
  • Taking out the Garbage (Honey….!)
  • Studying (unless it’s something really interesting)
  • Hanging my artwork (I have had some pieces given to me as a gift over 10 years ago that are still rolled up in the tube. This is two-fold though, motivation (or more precisely not knowing where to hang anything), and needing to frame said pieces, which is costly)
  • Eating beets (so good for your liver )

Please tell me I’m not alone in this?

On the positive side, here are things I do without needing motivation:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Give my sons and husband lots and lots of kisses every day
  • Go to bed early (I love sleeping)
  • Fantasize (plot/plan/visualize) of a life where me and my husband are doing something every day that makes us content vs being part of the rat race (perhaps once this has been achieved, I will have time during the day to workout!)
  • Eat apples
  • Learn something new every day
  • Eat or drink green things every day

Tell me in the comments, what motivates you?

 PS: I chose the image of this post because the woman looks strong, healthy and determined. Qualities I like to see in myself. I wanted to resonate with something in order to motivate myself to achieve that. My body will never look like hers, but the feeling I get (strength, health, determination) is visceral and helps push me on. When you are stuck, get yourself some visual things to focus on to keep you on track. Visualisation is extremely powerful, so don’t be afraid to use it. 

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