Most Common Eating Mistakes People Make in January

January is the time that most people get back on the health “wagon”. They buy a cleanse, join a weight loss program or a gym and go whole hog.

Until February.

Then, real life settles in. They miss their chocolate, wine, fun! “Being healthy is not for me”, they think. “I’ve tried everything, but nothing is working, this whole health thing is too hard”.

I am an advocate for your long-term success. My whole motto is Fuck Dieting because short-term solutions bring short-term gain. If you want real health and real weight loss, then you need to look at the bigger picture and not hop on the latest trend.

The most common mistakes I see are:

  1. You are doomed to fail if you take on too much too soon – even if you an extremely successful A type person. We’ve all been guilty of signing up for 10 things at once with the best intentions and when we don’t succeed at them all we feel guilty.

    Pick ONE thing you are going to do this week. And just do it.

    Here are some options that you can start right away:

    – add lemon water to your routine every day

    – adding one (more) green vegetable this week

    – taking the time to chew your food slowly

    – going to the gym once

    Next week, layer on one more thing, and so on. By the end of Jan you’ll be doing 4 more things and start really seeing results.

  2. Going on a harsh cleanse that makes you feel worse – some people are a wee bit too toxic, or they don’t have a balanced enough diet in terms of healthy carbs, fats, protein to support them through a cleanse. Going from a diet that consists mostly of refined carbs, pop, candy to a juice cleanse (for example), is going to cause your body to go into what’s known as a healing crisis. Most people aren’t made aware of this and instead think that they’re getting sicker because of the healthy foods when in actuality what’s happening is that the toxins are leaving your body but they’re leaving way too fast for your bod to handle it. This is why going slow is the much better way. Same results, less side effects. What to do: If you want to cleanse, look for a whole foods cleanse. Save juice fasting for when your body is more in balance.
  3. Not giving a shit about your shit – if you’re not pooping properly every day and you go on a juice fast or another extreme cleanse all those toxins you are trying to release are just getting recycled my love. You have to get your shit in order, literally, first before embarking on a cleanse.

       How do you do this? Lots of fibre and water in the week leading up to your cleanse is one way. 

       – Load up on veggies like spinach, celery, sweet potatoes (with skin), broccoli

       – Add in some flax and chia seeds – sprinkle it on everything!

While there are as many reasons why people may “fall off the wagon” as there are humans on the planet, these are the most common ones I see. If you do want to cleanse, the best type is a food cleanse. This helps to keep your blood sugars balanced, allows you to eat food and not just sip on celery juice all day, and encourages a loving relationship with food instead of banning it. For some people intermittent fasting works for them, but if you have any kind of hormonal issue, stress, health conditions or are off in any way, I’d advise against that unless you are under supervised care. 

I have a cleanse that includes support from me, is a real food cleanse with an emphasis on digestion and healthy eating, healthy thoughts and healthy foods. Click here to learn more, it’s on sale this January for $47 only – remember, this includes my support, not many cleanses in the market include support for under $200! Grab it here –> 2016 Clean Eating Experience

Best wishes to you this January – please keep going with your health goals, if you’ve tried many things but have not yet succeeded, don’t think of it as failure, think of it as information – these things don’t work for YOUR body, keep trying until you find the thing that does.


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