It’s OK to Feel Grief Now

There’s one area that when moving through one reality to another (as we are collectively doing right now) that doesn’t get much airtime and that is the area of grief.

Right now there are so many changes, so many dreams paused, plans changed, pivots happening and stark realities we are facing.

If we do not allow the gamut of emotions to roll through (positive and negative) and just push forward constantly, these emotions a lot of people avoid will come out in another way. Guaran-f*ing-teed.

I am a positive person. I lean into the light. I choose love and joy and gratitude as much as possible and know that if I stay in lower vibrational energies for too long only bad things manifest.


I am also very acutely aware of the need to express our other emotions. The ones that scare us.

Like anger, sadness and grief.

If you haven’t taken a second to grieve what has changed or what you’ve lost as a result of Covid, this feeling hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s just been buried deep and it will surface.

It’s like when a relationship ends, we need to grieve it. When someone we love passes away, we need to grieve it. And if we get stuck in that grieving process because we don’t want to feel bad / worse / expose others to our pain / go there / admit we are anything but joy / etc … we will be unconsciously stuck in that emotion and it will colour our lives.

And then we will wonder why things aren’t improving. Or why they improve and then break down.

Allow yourself time to grieve in this. It’s not a pity party. It’s a real emotion and if you can love yourself through it and allow it to just flow through you, you’ll experience a release and then feel lighter and truly feel joy and happiness despite the reality of what we are globally facing.

A couple time’s a week on my walk I sob. I cry for the closures. For the distancing. For the pain the world is feeling. For my “lost” ego dreams. For my kids being pulled out of their routines. For my friends stuck in other countries right now. For the people I see struggling with fear and stress and not knowing how to mitigate it because we are not taught this stuff in school or anywhere else really. I cry. I release. And then usually I get a wave of insight and inspiration, I feel better and come up with solutions rather than using that energy to keep the emotion at bay.

Everyone needs to heed this. Men and women. We are all emotional beings. Nobody is immune to that. So here’s your permission slip to drop the armour. To allow the grief for what you thought was going to happen, for the huge shifts in routine, for the lack of physical human contact, for the people around the world who have died and are sick, for the businesses that are struggling, for the people laid off, for the governments trying to do their best, for everyone and everything.

Grieve it.

Only then can we be free and move forward into solutions that will drive us forward in a non-fear based way, both at an individual level and collective.

If you’re struggling with releasing your emotions and would like a safe space to just let go, please reach out. I won’t be a shoulder to cry on, I won’t “there there” you ~ I’m not here to placate people, I’m here to be a source of strength for strong people, I will hold space for you to fall apart so you can put yourself back together stronger.

Strong people need support too, so reach out if you feel you are the support for others and have nowhere really to be vulnerable. I do my work so that you can do yours.

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