It’s NOT about Weightloss. It’s about Health.

As a nutritionist, every single person who comes to see me wants to lose weight. It’s hard to get away from that fact. 

While I do mention that weight loss is a result you get when applying the principles I teach (it happens naturally and effortlessly); for me, and for my very smart clients, it’s not the main priority.

They’ve gone beyond just the weight, now it’s about sleep quality, it’s about not wanting to restrict themselves anymore, it’s about loving the body you’re in, and RELEASING excess pounds that are making you uncomfortable.

It’s not about fitting into a bikini, but about eating for energy, fixing the bloating, calming cravings. It’s about sticking to something for more than a week or two at a time (then feeling like a failure for not, and then giving up all together cause, well, you failed so what’s the point). 

The unfortunate part is that the media wants to make it all about weight loss. Lose the weight and you’ll be AMAZING. Lose the weight and you’ll land the dream job, guy (or gal), travel the world, be a millionaire.

The only problem is that when you focus on programs that only target weight loss, you lose something else too: your will to live. 

That sounds dramatic, but seriously, how many of you have dieted and actually ENJOYED it? How many of you have omitted carbs and not missed bread? How many of you have lost the weight, then gained it all back again, and then some.

Cue feeling like shit again, thinking that it just isn’t possible to lose weight, not as you get older anyway, that you’re resigned to this body forever. 

I have such a different approach to this and that’s why my clients get the results they seek. They have gone through all of this pain, to come to the realization that [bctt tweet=”it’s not about the weight, it’s about health.” username=”thekrishayoung”]

Feeling sexy no matter what the scale says. Feeling energized, happy, content, refreshed. With a healthy radiant glow that comes only from living a true overall healthy lifestyle which includes what you eat, drink and especially what you think. 

I would like to introduce you to my newest FREE guide, I have taken all the main principles of how I work with my private coaching clients and distilled it down into seven easy steps you can do today at home. Without any kind of guilt, deprivation, or other ridiculous dieting to do.

Simple, easy to implement steps, that fit into your busy life (cause let’s face it, you’ve got stuff to do), and get you lasting results because this Method works.

Focusing on the things that make you healthy, because when you’re healthy, weight just comes off. When you are no longer putting your body into starvation mode from omitting foods or missing meals, your body loves you back and releases what it no longer needs: excess fat, inflammation, pain.

Do something just for YOU today, download this free email series and start living your delicious life today.

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