I can’t do this…

Do you Remember Mary? She was struggling with exhaustion, acne, weight gain, and self-sabotage in the form of wine, work and worry. Until she made a decision that changed everything. She became energized, in control and prioritized herself over her work after her time in The Delicious Life Movement.

Yeah. Her.

And I know what you’re probably thinking…

That’s nice for Mary, I bet she doesn’t have the family genes I have.

That’s nice for Mary, I’ve tried so many things and nothing works long term.

That’s nice for Mary, but she doesn’t have a disease like I do.

That’s nice for Mary, but she doesn’t have kids.

That’s nice for Mary, but I’ll most likely just fail at this too.

Here’s the thing. The ONLY thing separating you and Mary is support and accountability.

She’s definitely no different than you, and how do I know this? Because I have worked with hundreds of women just like you and just like Mary.

Every person has their own story, their own genetic code, their own family dynamic, their own self sabotages, their own doubts, fears and worries.

The biggest differentiator between something like my Delicious Life Movement program and let’s say Weight Watchers or Whole30 or even seeing a naturopath or dietitian is that I am here to hold your hand every step of the way, and I’m also not afraid to go into the corners of your unique sabotages that knock you out. And I know that it may seem scary for you to show your weaknesses or vulnerability because you are such a strong and confident woman, and this does suck that you’ve got your shit together in many other ways but here.

But until you deal with why you self-sabotage, you will keep doing it. This Is why I dedicate so much time to self-sabotage and how to slay it in the Delicious Life Movement – it is THAT critical to your success. And I am here to ensure you get RESULTS.

So while other programs are having you count, weigh or measure your food – or worse, have you throw out everything in your cupboards and shame you for your choices (which may spiral you to head for the nearest McD’s for that double cheeseburger), I am having you create peace with food, create a loving relationship with it so that it doesn’t dominate you or make you feel bad or obsess over it (oh and guess what, you still lose weight doing it this way! ).

While other programs make you weigh in to track your progress (which can invoke a whole bunch of self hate when the scale doesn’t move!) I teach you how to get in touch with your body, how to feel in your clothes how to fall in love with your body (yes, it’s possible!!!!) and not relegate you to just a stupid number on a digital device.

While other programs may offer a bit of accountability in terms of pointing you to resources, websites, or once again, the scale, I offer you not only professional expertise but expertise from someone who has been there, which means when you come to me with a unique reason why you can’t do this, or why you’re stuck, I can draw on my years of experience both personally and professionally to help you get unstuck. I HOLD YOUR HAND through the process.

So Mary didn’t have any more luck, tenacity, determination or willpower than you do…she just had support, accountability and the resources in the Delicious Life Movement to help keep her on track and set her up for success.

If you’ve been saying ”I want to get back in shape and lose weight.” And you talk about it ALOT and make plans in your calendar to work exercise and meal planning into your schedule, but it always gets put on the back burner, and you feel that other things are more important – then I urge you to look at getting support.

I know that it’s hard to face this. It means that you need to accept that you’re not actively creating exactly what you want, even though you are “saying” you want it, maybe you’re actually not “doing anything about it”.

Take 5 minutes at some point today and think about who in your life you’d consider an “accountability coach”. Someone who you can rely on to help you with your goals of being healthier and happier and getting out of your own way. Are you fully supported in this area or do you feel like you’re trying to figure it all out with the help of Dr. Google? Do you have anyone in your life you can talk to about this who doesn’t judge or who you can completely and totally be honest and vulnerable with?

Comment below and let me know – I love to hear from you!

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