How to not fear being alone

It’s amazing how unconsciously offended I get when people create distance from me (and my kids) when on a walk.
Consciously I totally understand why (of course), and we HAVE to do this at this time, but it is really rubbing up against my very deep desire to be near people, to touch people, to hug and embrace.
Because IRL is how I thrive.
It’s amazing how many times a day I would touch a stranger ~ helping them, soothing them, connecting. You know, when you’re laughing and you touch someone’s arm, when you see them tumble and you reach out to support. All of that is very automatic and natural to me.
The physical distancing we are experiencing may be welcome for a lot of people, but it’s also going to be difficult for those of us who love physical touch, where it’s a primary love language, and where we’re dope in real life.
It’s going to create a real sense of loss, grieving, fear, and trigger abandonment issues, and bring to the surface how alone one is.
The way I am navigating it is remembering that this is temporary, necessary and that I get to touch my children and I can touch my self anytime I want. And…
I also believe one of the biggest gifts this virus is giving us is the gift of alone. The gift of self.
We are being invited to go within, to be alone, to be with ourselves, to only embrace ourselves. We are finally being given permission to self-love, to be self-ish, to be one with our soul and to really discover who we are without distractions, without the hustle and without FOMO.
I am in love with this part of it, I am so excited for the souls who get to discover themselves in a deeper way, who get to examine their belief systems, their patterns of behaviors, their desires and their unconscious programming that may have been party to creating situations that are now revealing themselves to be not what they want anymore.
In the weeks leading up to Coronavirus (before schools closed etc), I was already in my own version of isolation. I spent almost two weeks alone, in my condo, meditating, and going very deep within, seemingly preparing for something…and my guess is for what is occurring right now.
I HATED it. Being alone is THE WORST for someone like me, but it was so necessary for me to surrender, lean in and accept being alone so I could gain solid footing inside my own psyche.
If anyone reading this needs some support around the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and the associated thoughts, I am very well versed in this area and am open to hop on a zoom or messenger chat so that I can give you ways in which you can navigate the feeling of alone-ness so that it’s not a devastating monster, and instead a welcome friend. I’m not here to take away the feeling of being alone – that in itself is a huge gift and what I needed to surrender into in order to finally feel GOOD about being with just myself, to break the code of co-dependency and to create a strong inner-foundation of support for those I serve.
Please use this time wisely, truly use it to look at your life and if necessary, make the changes you’ve been wanting to make for a long time ~ your soul will forever thank you for it!

Check out The Dirt and The Divine Podcast episode below where I dive deeper into this topic.

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